Cubert Personal Light


Power and light in a compact package

Bringing light and power together

Cubert provides power for personal devices in an integrated form – factoring the arrangement of light, USB and mains that is more compact than ever achieved before, so it’s easier to use and takes up less space.

Cubert also comprises an intricate, high-quality LED light with a touch-sensitive dimmer.

Integrated power

The mains sockets supply up to 13 amps and the USBs charge up to 2 amps between them. The inbuilt, intelligent USBs recognise the principal device, meaning that if both ports are in use, the first device to be plugged in is given high-speed, priority charging.

Due to its ultra-compact footprint, Cubert has a minimal impact on surface space and allows easy positioning of lighting and power sources without having to rely on fixed furniture or ambient lighting. With a refined aesthetic finish and high-quality components, Cubert has been rigorously and robustly tested to exceed European and UK standards.

Elegant personal light

Cubert has impressive light coverage aided by a head that tilts and rotates. It is easy to position, for focusing the light to individual preference, rather than relying on fixed overhead lighting or heavy angle-poise lamps.

The close-knit LEDs provide 426 lumens of light, with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, all controlled by a four-stage, touch-sensitive setting. The Cree LEDs provide a 4000K cool white, glare-free light and an even distribution of illumination, casting a single shadow and providing a premium quality of light.

Perfect fit

Cubert’s understated design allows it to fit seamlessly within the office, hospitality, retail and home sectors. The sleek design, intuitive technology and combination of light and power make a great addition to environments.