Sit-Stand is Here to Stay

How to ensure it benefits your people and your organisation

A Locale collaboration space featuring height-adjustable surfaces, a small table, a low workbase, beige privacy screens, and Setu and Aeron office chairs.

Take a stand for movement

Combined with good chairs, sit-stand work surfaces provide the variety people need to sit well, stand well and be well.

An illustration of a blue bar graph.

Foster health

Movement leads to better physical—and financial—health, setting the stage for performance, well-being and even happiness.

An illustration of a man standing between an office chair and a standing-height work surface.

Strike a balance

Standing all day is not the cure for sitting all day. Alternating between the two during the day is best.

An illustration of a Locale workspace with an adjustable desk positioned at standing height.

Boost movement

Some people do work that keeps them at their desks all day. They need movement more than anyone. A sit-stand solution gives it to them, right at their desks.

Two images. In one, a man works at a sit-to-stand table. In the other, four colleagues gather round a standing-height table.


Discover the Herman Miller difference

We have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of work that leads to a more natural and desirable experience for people, no matter where they sit and stand.

Robert Propst, inventor of the Action Office system, perches on a stool to work at a standing-height surface.


In 1968, Robert Propst wrote, “Man’s physical machine has evolved to do many things well but no single thing continuously. . . The office can be a kinetic active, alert, vigorous environment.” His Action Office system featured a stand-up desk, which he argued “would do more than anything else to overcome sedentary decline”. We’ve offered standing surfaces ever since.

Two Ratio sit-to-stand desks positioned at different heights and paired with an Aeron office chair.


At its best, design is a response to social change; we developed Living Office in response to the evolution of work. A purposeful variety of settings helps people feel more creative, connected and engaged in their work. So does purposeful movement. Our ongoing research shows the combination of sitting, standing and moving in varying amounts is vital, especially at the desk.

An office environment with Nevi Sit-Stand Desks positioned at varying heights with grey Lino Chairs providing seating.


Research shows that a choice between sitting and standing combined with training on the benefits of standing is most effective at reducing sitting time, which has benefits for the individual and the organisation. Our Ergonomic Solutions Specialists can help organisations reduce risk factors while increasing employee health, comfort and productivity.


Provide movement for everyone

Explore our complete portfolio of sit-stand solutions.

Atlas Office Landscape

Atlas Office Landscape is a work system which brings together height-adjustability and collaborative working in one elegant solution. With a unique ‘no beam’ structure, it frees the workspace from clutter so people can sit or stand in comfort, adapting postures to their activities. Combine desks, screens, tables and storage elements to create places that invite collaboration, focused activity or impromptu meetings.

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A cluster of three Atlas Office Landscape height-adjustable workstations designed for collaboration.
Adjacent Ratio adjustable desks positioned at standing and seated heights with privacy screens.


With its clean lines and lightweight, uncluttered design, Ratio has been designed to blend into the modern office landscape. With Ratio, people can vary their postures to find the right balance between sitting and standing throughout the day. A versatile solution, Ratio can be specified as single desks or in large clusters.

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Nevi Link

With Nevi Link, a sit-stand desking system can be a reality for every business. Nevi Link’s pared-back design combines the essentials for sit-stand with our trademark quality and warranty. And by encouraging people to move between postures you are giving them what they need to do their best work, increasing energy and productivity, while protecting your bottom line.

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Nevi Link Sit-Stand four-desk configuration in white with grey fabric screens and two desks raised to standing height, Lima Monitor Arms and an Aeron Chair.
Four Nevi Sit-Stand Desks positioned back to back at seating and standing heights. A pair of Lino Chairs are alongside.

Nevi Sit-Stand Desks

With Nevi Sit-Stand Desks, a hardworking height-adjustable desk at great value is within everyone’s reach. Nevi helps people put an emphasis on healthy habits in the workplace by making it easier to change positions throughout the day. By encouraging them to move between postures you are giving people what they need to do their best work, increasing energy and productivity.

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