Innovation through observation

Side view of a rectangular Axon conference table with a marble top surrounded by gray Saiba office chairs.

Time lost in meetings due to connectivity issues is value lost for organizations. To better understand these issues, designers Naoto Fukasawa and Keiji Takeuchi visited a series of companies and observed how their meeting spaces functioned. They noted how messes of cables spill from grommets onto cluttered work surfaces and how people jostle for a seat near one of precious few power outlets. And they designed Axon Tables to solve these problems.

“With a table, everything is interface,” says Takeuchi. He and Fukasawa refined every edge and surface of Axon to make the table’s physical interface as seamless as the way it handles technology.

Not only did Fukasawa and Takeuchi deliver a beautifully clean design with an incredibly intuitive interface, but they also designed Axon to be simple to specify, order, and install.

Axon Table with Georgia Grey Marble, viewed from the front/side.
A round Axon Conference Table featuring a white base and a Soft Etched White backpainted glass top.

The Axon family includes expansive boardroom tables that convey the appropriate level of seriousness for formal conference rooms as well as smaller round tables designed to bring people together for more casual, informal meeting spaces.

Product Designer Naoto Fukasawa

“Minimalism is about creating complete harmony, not about making simple.”

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Product Designer Keiji Takeuchi

“Design is a process of making layers and layers of decisions.”

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