Designed by Richard Holbrook

Prospect Media Space

White Prospect Stools at the table of a Prospect Media Space with gray acoustic fabric and whiteboards with sketches.

A media hub

A group of stools around the desk of a Prospect Media Space with sketches on the whiteboards, a laptop on the desk, and a backpack hanging from a hook.

Prospect Media Space

Present, review, and collaborate on digital work in the Media Space. With whiteboards and tackable surfaces nearby, it gives people the ability to not only work digitally, but also to jot down ideas and pin up inspiration.


Media mount

You can either mount a monitor on the structure or place it directly on the work surface.


A large digital display screen is mounted on the rails of a Prospect Media Space above the desk.
A gray laptop sitting next to a white coffee cup on the desk of a Prospect Media Space, a nearby phone is plugged into the surface-mounted power unit.


Power units, with AC plugs and USB ports, are easily accessible on the surface.