Designed by Richard Holbrook

Prospect Solo Space

A white Keyn Chair with blue seat upholstery in a Prospect Solo Space with sketches on the whiteboards and notes tacked to the gray acoustic fabric.

A solo sanctuary

A Keyn desk chair with white frame and dark blue upholstered seat pad in a Prospect Solo Space with blue exterior acoustic fabric.

Prospect Solo Space

To bring their best thinking to their teams, people need time for focused work and contemplation. Prospect Solo Spaces are ideal for individual creative work or simply a place to settle in and tackle a few quick tasks. The round shape offers visual privacy—unique within an open floorplan—and the soft, sound-absorbing materials create a peaceful spot for working or studying.


Interior acoustic pads

Interior acoustic pads are tackable, allowing users to pin their ideas and inspiration.

A white Keyn Chair with a blue upholstered seat pad at a desk in a Prospect Solo Space with notes on the whiteboard and a laptop on the desk.
A blue backpack hangs from a white bag hook underneath the desk in a Prospect Solo Space.

Bag hook

The bag hook provides easy access to personal belongings.


Tack cup

The tack cup puts pinning up work within arm’s reach.

A white tack cup filled with gray thumbtacks attached to the internal rail of a Prospect Solo Space with gray acoustic fabric.