Designed by Naoto Fukasawa and Keiji Takeuchi for Geiger

Axon Tables

An Axon Conference Table featuring a Georgia Grey Marble top.

Tables that power the collective connectivity of teams who use them

The communications technology that powers today’s meeting spaces has vastly improved over the past few years. With Axon Tables, designers Naoto Fukasawa and Keiji Takeuchi brought this high-tech evolution to the conference table itself.

A meeting space featuring an Axon Table with a white base and wood top. Four Eames Aluminum Group Chairs featuring a grey textile surround the table.

Embedded technology

Axon Tables go beyond cable management with embedded technology that makes data, voice, and videoconferencing connections easy to access through the center of the table and distributes power to convenient locations along the table’s edge.

A round Axon Conference Table featuring a black base and a natural oak top.

Untying the knots

To bring harmony to the meeting experience, Fukasawa and Takeuchi didn’t just seek to eliminate the mess of cables that clutter the surface of a typical conference table. They saw their job as “untying the knots,” rethinking the table itself.

Close-up of a power channel in an Axon Table, with a charging smartphone on the surface Axon Table power channel close up with USB-C port, USB-A port, and A/C power outlets.

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Side view of a rectangular Axon conference table with a marble top surrounded by gray Saiba office chairs.

Design Story

A research-based approach helped Axon bring order and intuitive functionality to meeting spaces.

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