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On View in Milan April 16–21, 2018

Various colors of high-, mid-, and low-back Cosm chairs displayed in a room with floor-to-ceiling curtains, with a view of workstations in the next room.

What shape is gravity. How quick is color.

How much does movement weigh. How long is comfortable.

How simple is beauty. Can micro be macro.

Enter the Cosm.

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Coinciding with Salone del Mobile 2018

Monday 16 April
Press Only

Tuesday 17 April

Wednesday 18 April

Thursday 19 April

Friday 20 April

Saturday 21 April

Herman Miller

Corso Garibaldi Giuseppe, 70
Milan, Italy 20121

A variety of colors of low- mid-, and high-back Cosm desk chairs on plinths of differing heights in a room surrounded by full-length dark gray curtains.

Introducing Cosm by Studio 7.5

Berlin-based designers Studio 7.5 spent the better part of a decade seeking the most elegant answer to an arresting question. Can a chair make people so comfortable that they forget about gravity?

Meet Cosm

Studio 7.5

The name chosen by Burkhard Schmitz, Carola Zwick, and Roland Zwick—Studio 7.5—comes from an idea to rent a 7.5-ton truck, put a model shop in it, and drive from one project site to another. Obviously, freedom of movement is important for these designers. When creating products for their clients, they range widely before zeroing in on a solution. In particular, they find designing office chairs to be most rewarding—and have worked with Herman Miller on the award-winning Mirra Chair, Setu, Mirra 2, and now, Cosm. “We define not only how the chair looks but how it performs,” Carola says. As to how Studio 7.5’s designs perform for you, they would rather you forget you’re sitting in a chair at all.

The men and women of Studio 7.5 sit grouped together on wooden benches in their workspace.

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