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Nelson Basic Cabinet Series

Product Story

The definition of classic is “a work of enduring excellence”. The Nelson Basic Cabinet Series designed by George Nelson in 1946 is a perfect example. Clean-lined, functional and versatile, this modular storage system fits the way you live now and the way you will live tomorrow. It looks good and works well in any room in the flat where you’re starting out, the house you move into and any downsized home where you might end up.

Nelson Basic Cabinet Series

Modern Modularity

Small, Medium and Large. Drawers, Doors, Shelves and Sliding Glass. Light Brown Walnut and Natural Oak. With or without legs. A wide array of options means that you can begin collecting this furniture now and add more when you move or remodel or just want a different look. Use pieces in your bedroom now and in your living room later.

Nelson Basic Cabinet Series

A Custom-Made Look

These pieces look like the fine furniture they are. They’re also a system, with components coordinated in size, shape and design. Create built-in, custom-made storage systems with vertical or horizontal arrangements – or both. Use them singly or with the Nelson Platform Bench in smaller areas. Eliminate floor space clutter and use the space in any room more effectively.

Nelson Basic Cabinet Series

Handsome Efficiency

Storage can be efficient and good-looking at the same time, and this system proves it. Designed for maximum usefulness and versatility, the cases and bases can be used equally well in living, dining, working and sleeping areas. The variety of shelves, drawers and cabinets provides efficient open and closed storage to accommodate your household items and personal things.

Nelson Basic Cabinet Series

Basic Solutions

The chest-cabinet combinations that make up the Nelson Basic Cabinet Series are manufactured with a minimum number of standard dimensions, which will remain unchanged and ensure ongoing flexibility through the years. And even more components will be available in later reintroductions.

Design Story

In the 1940s, George Nelson was at the forefront of the trend towards modernism in design. Always delighted by and drawn to new things, Nelson foresaw the trends in the post-war American home that make his designs fit the way we live now.

We’ve become a mobile society; we no longer live our entire lives in the house in which we were born, we don’t stay in the same community for generations. We rent flats, scale up to our own homes, then usually downsize to something smaller when we retire. Matched furniture suites designed to fill specific rooms don’t work very well for us any more. What happens to those pieces when we move and they don’t fit? Nelson understood that systems of modular components were the wave of the future.

With the Basic Cabinet Series, he created a way to accommodate changing needs for storage and surfaces. The size and purpose of a room don’t matter. The interchangeable components allow you to create beautiful storage solutions for a large open-plan space or a more modest living room. The system starts small in your first apartment and welcomes additional components as you move into larger homes.

As with everything that George Nelson designed, it’s all about flexibility and efficiency. And good looks, of course.