Universal Accessories

Universal Accessories

Product Story

Today’s workplace is fluid and changing. An effective office needs to be highly versatile with multiple functions. It must provide inviting spaces that enhance collaboration and productivity, energise and inspire.

We want to help our customers achieve this with workspaces that are open, flexible and customisable. Designed to work with multiple platforms and workstations, our range of universal accessories has been developed to do exactly that.

Universal Accessories

A Continuum of Screens

Customise your level of privacy by choosing the screen that is right for you. Available in a range of finishes, glass screens can provide space for creative doodles, while knitted fabrics provide a sense of comfort and softness in the workspace.

Through the Looking Glass

The Arras marker glass screen is a 12 mm thick laminated glass that can be mounted at any point. Both sides of the screen can be used for your creative expression.

Universal Accessories

Organic Landmarks

Who says screens have to be square? Arras Honeycomb screens are inherently welcoming and offer an organic quality to workplace interiors.

Readily customised, a user-friendly rubber plug system connects individual honeycombs, allowing the user to stack as desired, up to three segments high.

Extending functionality beyond privacy, a palette of colours and infills can be used to aid wayfinding and destination reorganisation, or to provide a unique platform for corporate branding.

Universal Accessories

Lateral Sideblade

Designed to enable adjustable zoning and privacy on demand, Arras Sideblades deliver aesthetic ingenuity within a functional frame. Sideblade is available in a variety of fabric and frameless acrylic finishes. Features include an adjustable surface clamp that doubles as a nifty bag hook, and an optional screen pocket designed to accommodate stationery.

Universal Accessories

Arail Toolbar

This multi-purpose functional rail can accommodate a number of personal tools – from paper trays, binder shelves to monitor arms. Available with or without a pinnable surface.

Things for Me

Arras Name Tag and Whiteboard work in perfect harmony with the Arail Toolbar. These personal elements can help to provide a sense of cohesion and unity.

Universal Accessories

Bringing the outside inside.

Nature nourishes all our senses, and natural foliage is perfect for creating permeable privacy between workspaces. The Arras Planter enables you to create a verdant desktop garden or well-trimmed hedge. With a moulded plastic liner to contain excess liquids, it safely and naturally enriches any workspace environment.

Universal Accessories

360º Viewing

We designed a couple of nifty brackets that enable you to install any CBS Monitor Arm on the central rail of any Arras platform. This seemingly small development represents a huge improvement in the accessibility and usability of plasma TVs and screens. By positioning plasmas in the middle of a common platform, visibility is increased to a full 360 degrees. Users can simply turn and swivel the arm to any location.

Universal Accessories

Ceiling Blade

Many facilities today do not have a raised floor and this poses a challenge to bring power down from the ceiling grid.

Mounted directly to the port, the new Arras Ceiling Blade distributes power and data cables from the ceiling to the workstation.

Universal Accessories

The Social Binder

The Arras Binder Bin advances above-desk storage design with one key difference – it slides. Part personal storage, part privacy screen, Arras Binder Bin readily slides away for a moment of spontaneous interaction with your neighbour.

The latest expression of the Arras Binder Bin now features a third function – pinnability. A tackable surface at the back of each unit offers your neighbour a space for visual displays, conveniently positioned at eye level and within easy reach.

Available in 300mm and 500mm widths, Arras Binder Bins can be specified with cork substrate or EchoPanel™ backs.

Universal Accessories

In the Limelight

Control the level of illumination at your desk with Arras Limelight. This intuitive device automatically switches on upon detecting your presence, and cleverly switches off when you leave. Fitted with LED lamps and an energy-saving motion sensor, Arras Limelight consumes 50% less energy than conventional ceiling lights. This can reduce demand for architectural lighting and ongoing energy consumption.

Perfectly positioned, Arras Limelight’s lofty height creates a stunning cathedral effect, while effectively illuminating the worksurface below.

Universal Accessories

Social Stimulus

When ownership over space is not entirely clear, we engage in social negotiation. The Arras Tray purposefully bridges workspace boundaries. More than a simple desktop accessory, it’s a stylish sharing plate, drinks receptacle and desktop organiser in one.