Place can be a powerful tool for achieving your goals.

Each organisation and its people are different, yet many offices today look and feel the same. Herman Miller uses a proprietary research-based Living Office Discovery Process to help you envision an office that better reflects who you are and provides greater support for what you do.

Designing for Human Experience

Living Office provides an updated understanding of people and their work, founded on elements that are naturally human: how we experience the world and what motivates us. Informed by this understanding, Living Office provides ideas for the arrangement of surroundings, furnishings and tools to meet the needs of people and deliver a better work experience.


A Place for Every Purpose,
A Purpose for Every Place

Purposeful Settings

Purposeful Settings
From improvisational creativity to standardised processes, work today is more varied than ever before, so shouldn't our offices be more varied too? In a Living Office, people can choose from a range of spaces that better support their activities, strengthen

their connection with colleagues and help fulfil their specific purpose. These settings can be designed in ways that uniquely express the culture of an organisation and further their ambitions, making place a more valuable asset.

Achieve More with Living Office

Learn how Herman Miller is helping organisations progress with their priorities and achieve their goals with workplaces uniquely designed for who they are and what they do.


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