I joined Herman Miller because I knew it was a company with a rich history of believing in bigger ideas about what a company can do—for its employees, customers, investors, and communities. I was drawn to Herman Miller for its reputation in pioneering workplace concepts, harnessing the talents of legendary designers, committing to sustainability, and designing solutions to problems wherever people work, live, and heal.

But what’s inspired me most in my early tenure as CEO is that our mission of “inspiring designs to help people do great things” goes well beyond generating profits. As a company, we’re designers, and our philosophy of design-driven problem solving that led us to create the Aeron Chair is the same one at play when we solve problems for our people and the world at large. Design is our roadmap for taking less, creating more, and using our influence as a force for good.

Following that roadmap means that we focus on embracing diversity and inclusion, prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our employees, taking care of the environment, and donating our time and resources to important causes. As a values-based company, these have always guided our company to be better. But like any roadmap, it’s important to look ahead and see where we’re going.

Since Herman Miller’s founding, diverse perspectives—including those that run contrary to popular thinking of the time—have shaped us into the innovative company we are today. That’s why it’s important for us to source ideas from as many perspectives as possible. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we know from experience that it makes us a stronger company.

Today, what we have in common binds us together. In the future, we’ll operate as a company that thrives on what makes us different. Because we know it’s these unique perspectives that help to spark new and valuable ideas.

On a fundamental level, we value the entire person—not just the skillset they bring to work. That’s why we’ve always prioritized a workplace that supports the entire spectrum of our employees’ health.

Today, we realize this goes beyond just physical well-being. Each person also has their own emotional and financial health they’re managing—which is why we’re putting resources and services toward helping our employees break down barriers in these areas, too.

We know ensuring the Earth’s resources remain abundant for future generations is another critical goal in designing a better world. That’s why we’ve also worked hard to ensure that every day we strive to take less from the environment by generating less waste, limiting our use of energy and natural resources, and using fewer materials.

We also aspire to be more sustainable by creating more than we take—and that includes restoring our ecosystems, using safe materials that promote health and well-being, and setting the bar for the industry standard on human rights.

Through our charitable giving efforts, giving back has allowed us to inspire thousands of employees and communities worldwide. Our corporate giving is designed and led entirely by employees of Herman Miller, helping us inspire the next generation to become stewards of humanity in our communities.

We strive to expand on that foundation by leveraging our relationships with clients, suppliers, and collaborators to elevate our impact exponentially. By devoting time, talent, and resources to the communities that touch our operations across the globe, we believe we can create a ripple effect that becomes a force for good around the world.

I’m proud to represent a company who knows living and working with integrity is the path to creating good business, a trustworthy investment, and a great place to work.

Together we can design a better world, and I hope you’ll join us on this journey.

All the best,

Signature of Herman Miller President and CEO Andi Owen

Andi Owen
President and CEO

Better World Policy

Herman Miller has long been a purpose driven organization. Delivering a “Better World” will be the capstone in our journey towards positively impacting humanity. To be successful, we must create value for our employees, customers, investors, and communities. We pledge to serve our people by providing them jobs, prioritizing their health and safety, and investing in their personal and professional growth. We must also continue to be good stewards of the earth’s resources, knowing we are borrowing them from future generations and have a responsibility to ensure they remain abundant.

We will reinvest wealth back into communities across the globe, forging partnerships to leverage resources and produce greater impact. We will perpetuate a culture where giving our time and talent is not only celebrated, it’s expected. And, we will continue to build inclusive communities that value the uniqueness in people, thriving on what binds us together instead of what makes us different.

We will be a business that earns trust, leads with a moral authority, and operates ethically and responsibly. Wherever we conduct business we will work to protect human rights and create environmental stewardship, while adhering to applicable legal policies and international standards. We will do all of this with the aspirational goal of creating a better world now and in the future.