Herman Miller Obligations and Policies related to the UK Modern Slavery Act
Our supply chain includes a number of independent companies who provide raw materials, components, complete product and other items required for Herman Miller’s business needs.

Herman Miller believes that conduct matters. It is important to do the right thing. Living with integrity and following a clear and ethical code has created a good business, a great place to work, and a trustworthy investment. That conduct transcends all areas of the business, including how we deal with each other internally and how we deal with customers, vendors, partners and governments.

Herman Miller and its subsidiaries are committed to conducting its business in an ethical, legal, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Herman Miller suppliers are subject to the Supplier Code of Conduct which sets out to ensure that they share the same ethics and principles as Herman Miller.

The Supplier Code of Conduct, together with the contractual relationship, forms the conditions of their association with us. Examples include, amongst other criteria, ensuring freely chosen employment, no child labor, and ensuring minimum wages are paid.

Herman Miller’s full Supplier Code of Conduct can be viewed at www.hermanmiller.com/supplier-code-of-conduct.

Suppliers Reviews and Status
Herman Miller reviews its supply chain to evaluate and address the risk of human trafficking and forced labor. We confirm compliance with applicable laws, standards, and our Company policies through: (a) interviews and inspections of suppliers by Herman Miller personnel; (b) suppliers’ written certification of compliance; and (c) training.

Ongoing and Development work
We monitor and evaluate global risk areas to increase the audit of our supply chain to ensure ongoing compliance. The legal and compliance department is responsible for creating and developing training courses to be communicated to employees, suppliers, and other business partners globally.