We work for an environment in which a richly diverse and global workforce thrives. An inclusive environment allows us and our suppliers to be more innovative and to create products that best meet the needs of our customers around the world.

Inclusiveness & Diversity

For us, it's about "understanding what makes us unique and what unites us as human beings."

Our CEO on Inclusiveness
We value the whole person and everything that each of us has to offer, obvious and not so obvious. I believe that every person should have the chance to realize his or her potential, regardless of color, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, educational background, family status, skill level—the list goes on and on. When we are truly inclusive, I believe we go beyond toleration to really understanding what makes us unique and what unites us as human beings.
Brian Walker
President and Chief Executive Officer, Herman Miller, Inc.

Teaming to Improve Inclusiveness
We have 12 Inclusiveness Resource Teams (IRTs). These internal teams organize our grassroots efforts, developing and implementing initiatives that benefit our employees and help us meet our business objectives. These teams are integral to creating a workplace where everyone feels included and valued. The welcoming environment they help foster is a contributing factor to our receiving a 100 percent score on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index since 2006.

Working for Supplier Diversity
Herman Miller's suppliers come to us with a rich mix of talent, competence, and commitment. Their performance and dedication matter a great deal to us; their gender, ethnicity, size, and so on do not. By including a wide range of suppliers in our business community, together we create great places to work, heal, learn, and live.

Scoring Our Performance 
We measure our efforts in critical areas that include the people who buy our products (customers), the people who do the work (talent), the people we buy from (suppliers), and the people who sell our products (distributors). Our I&D Scorecard results are reviewed regularly by the company’s senior-level leadership and the Board of Directors.

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