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CAD Pack for AutoCAD Content Summary for June 2019

The CAD Pack software includes graphic symbols for most Herman Miller North American product lines. Herman Miller provides CAD Pack software for the following CAD packages:

AutoCAD 2014 - 2020

CAD Pack software working with AutoCAD contains 2D plan and 3D AutoCAD symbols with attributes. A simple text-based specifier is also included which supports the specification of standard Herman Miller fabrics and finishes. Product-count reports, comma-delimited data, and Standard Interchange Format (SIF) files can be generated using the supplied TakeOff reporting program. Miscellaneous drawing utilities are also provided, such as 2D-3D Swap, Replace Symbol, Change Product Options, and Update User Tags. An electronic tutorial and help files are included.

CAD Pack software working with MicroStation contains 2D plan and 3D AutoCAD symbols that place in MicroStation. No other utilities are available at this time.

CAD Pack software will work with any CAD program that can read AutoCAD's .DWG file format. Use CAD Pack's symbol placement options of "Save DWG As..." or "Copy DWG to Clipboard".

CAD Pack Software Content Summary
Action Office System
Canvas Office Landscape
Co/Struc System
Compass System
Design Within Reach
Ethospace System
Geiger Axon Tables
Geiger Caucus
Geiger Construct and Shelves
Geiger Keyeira
Geiger Levels
Geiger MP Tables
Geiger Petri / Eco
Geiger Rhythm
Geiger Seating and Tables
Geiger Storage
Geiger Tablet
Geiger Triuna
Herman Miller Collection
Intent Solution
Layout Studio
Live OS
Meridian Storage
Mora System
naughtone (North America)
Public Office Landscape
Resolve System
Supplemental Products
Tables and Furniture
The Intersect Portfolio
Thrive Portfolio
Tu Storage
Typicals / Props / Meridian Spec-A-File

CAD Pack Software for AutoCAD Features Summary
2D plan symbols
3D symbols
SIF/Reporting (TakeOff) program
Export to specification packages
Z-Axis import and export

CAD Pack Software for MicroStation Features Summary
2D plan symbols
3D symbols

If you have questions about the use of the CAD Pack software, please see our FAQ page.

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