layout studio screens : center screen

Center Screen

Placed at the center of a back-to-back bench and can be installed with or without the performance rail.

A Layout Studio bench for four with a white laminate top, gray legs, and red framed fabric center privacy screens.


A close-up view of Fish Net Storm 22Q16.


A close-up view of Woodgrain Laminate Walnut on Ash LBC.


A close-up view of Translucent Clear Glass TR.


Fabric Edge Options

Close-up of a green fabric, Pari tapered edge, surface-attached privacy screen attached to a Renew Sit-to-Stand Table.

Pari Tapered Edge

A close up of a gray flat-edge screen attached to a Nevi Sit-to-Stand Table.

Flat Edge

Close-up of the white umbilical riser that's attached underneath a Layout Studio bench and connected to the floor.



Pari Tapered Edge, Flat Edge Fabric, and Laminate
Heights: 12.5", 16.5"

Widths: 36–72"

Depth: .75"

Framed Fabric
Heights: 12.5", 16.5"

Widths: 36–78"

Depth: 1.19"

Heights: 12.5", 16.5"

Widths: 36–96"

Depths: .25", .38"

These ranges represent a sample of the dimensions available. Download the price book for a full listing of all available product sizes.

Layout Studio Price Book

Download the price book and search GNSDRT., GNSDRS., GNSDRL., GNSDRU., GNSDRG., GNSDXT., GNSDXS., GNSDL., GNSDU., GNSDFT., GNSDNT., GNSDTT., and GNSDXG. for specification information.