June 9, 2014

At NeoCon 2014, Herman Miller Healthcare is illustrating how its research and insights come together to create thriving environments for working and healing. Expressed as a Healthcare Living Office, it is a holistic, human-centered approach that helps everyone working across a health system customize their methods, tools, and places of work to express and enable shared character and purpose. The result is a more natural and desirable place to work, and heal, that fosters greater connection, creativity, productivity, and, ultimately, greater prosperity for all.

"We further the goals of health systems—operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and increased quality of care—when we support the work of caregivers with settings that enable them to do their best for patients," said Louise McDonald, President, Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff. "By reimagining the caregiver to include a wider care team—essentially everyone in the health system—we support integrated care and the new ways that work is occurring in healthcare."

From an inspiring and effective team-based care outpatient environment, to innovative solutions for the inpatient experience, to settings for treatment and waiting areas, Herman Miller Healthcare demonstrates how the principles of a Healthcare Living Office can come to life.

New Landscape of Healthcare
Recently, the pace and extent of changes in the industry have prompted healthcare systems to evolve the ways they work. Four key trends shaping the new landscape of healthcare are altering the work of caregivers:

  • A shift from inpatient to outpatient care—lower cost settings brings resources closer to the community.
  • A shift from fragmented to connected—Coordinating care across the health system yields a consistent patient experience because providers are connected and working together.
  • A shift from volume to value—Reimbursements are shifting from fee-based, which promote quantity, to value-based, which emphasize quality.
  • A shift from Physician to Care Team—A team approach can help manage costs and improve care.

The entire NeoCon 2014 showroom brings to life how Herman Miller Healthcare can work with customers to create a Healthcare Living Office that addresses this changing landscape, helping everyone across the entire health system work well, get well, and live well.

Coordination, Collaboration Across the System
As healthcare continues to evolve, the work of providing healthcare is becoming more complex. It often requires the collaboration of a team to achieve the best care for patients. Team-based care, a comprehensive designation for the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model, is one of the ways work is changing in healthcare to enable collaboration for more coordinated care and increased patient engagement.

The showroom features settings from the PCMH model of team-based care that are based on Herman Miller's work with leading healthcare systems and research being conducted with a nationally recognized university partner.

[As part of the emphasis on the Patient Centered Medical Home model, Georgia Tech's Dr. Craig Zimring and Jennifer DuBose will be presenting some of their initial research results on the importance of critical design factors for shared workspaces in PCMH outpatient clinics in the Herman Miller Healthcare Showroom on Monday, June 9, at 5 p.m.]

A Comprehensive Set of Solutions
In addition to a special emphasis on solutions for supporting the collaborative work that characterizes the Patient-Centered Medical Home model, the Herman Miller Healthcare showroom features settings for the range of venues in healthcare, including those that serve clinical, administrative, inpatient, and public areas.

The showroom's public area is a place where people are welcomed and accommodated, offering guests a variety of postural choices. There are also choices for comfortably sitting alone or for patient and family to gather. All these options enhance the experience of waiting and can help reduce stress and create a sense of confidence among patients.

The showroom also includes an example of a Treatment Area featuring the Terra line of casegoods from Nemschoff. Terra enhances the patient's experience and supports family interaction during treatment, recognizing the important role of family members in the patient healing process.

An inpatient experience extends the theme of the role of family and friends in the patient's healing process. Solutions for a versatile working neighborhood for caregivers are flanked by the new Palisade™ Collection from Nemschoff, which is specifically designed to take the family experience in the patient room to a new level of comfort and convenience.

Palisade: Enhancing Guest and Family Support in the Patient Room
Designed by Jess Sorel of Sorel Studio, Palisade is based on research that shows the presence of family members can improve patient outcomes, communication, and satisfaction. Accommodating guests to support their role in the patient's healing process was in part inspired by the thinking of Charles Eames, legendary contributor to Herman Miller's design leadership, who said, "The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests."

Building upon years of knowledge and leadership in the sleep solutions category, Palisade is a more complete family-centered solution that elevates the critical role of guest and family support to enhance and improve outcomes, safety and workflow within the patient room.

"Palisade is just one of the solutions we're showing at NeoCon 2014 that clearly demonstrates how we support both individual and collaborative work through a focus on all caregivers," McDonald said. "We trust that visitors to our showroom will be inspired to discuss ways a Healthcare Living Office can better support all of the work that happens across their system. By supporting the work of all caregivers, we strive to give them what they need to do their best."

About Herman Miller's Healthcare Businesses
Herman Miller Healthcare brings together the comprehensive offerings of Herman Miller, Geiger and Nemschoff, to help healthcare organizations and their partners create environments for people to work well, get well, and live well. Driven by a deep commitment to research-based, problem-solving design, they collaborate with industry thought leaders and world class designers to inspire, develop, and manufacture innovative furnishings and equipment centered on the needs of the people who work throughout healthcare systems. With 80 years of combined healthcare industry experience, and a team of clinical and workplace strategists, Herman Miller Healthcare's solutions improve the work experience and performance of professionals wherever care is delivered, supported or administered.