June 10, 2013

Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff’s Flexible Solutions Adjust to Evolving Needs to Enhance Healing Experience

In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, change is no longer occasional, it’s constant. As technologies, policies and processes continue to shift, future-proofing facilities is imperative, ensuring they move with – not against – those working, healing and visiting inside. This constant shift requires solutions that are designed for change – the kind of innovative solutions Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff are showcasing at NeoCon 2013 (#330), Chicago, June 10-12.

Inspired by Living Office, a Herman Miller approach developed to create intuitive spaces that are more natural for people, Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff, a Herman Miller company, introduce several flexible, human-centered interior solutions designed for the entire care continuum. Outfitting patient rooms, administrative areas, team-based caregiver workspaces and beyond, these progressive solutions allow facilities to quickly and cost-effectively adapt their interior solutions to support process improvement initiatives or changing patterns of care.

“Whether in an office or a patient room, your physical environment impacts how you feel and what you do in that space,” said Louise McDonald, President of Herman Miller Healthcare. “We designed solutions that better align spaces with your processes to support patients, their families and staff. By accommodating those who use the space in a more holistic way, we’re helping advance care quality and the patient experience today and through the changes that tomorrow may bring.”

The Power of Your Space
At NeoCon, Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff will harness the “Power of Space.” Throughout the showroom, there will be solutions that demonstrate how the best use of space can improve care and business results by enhancing the healing process, putting guests and patients at ease and helping caregivers work more comfortably and efficiently.

Living Office comes to fruition to foster work anytime, anywhere. Throughout the Neocon showroom a combined display of Herman Miller, Nemschoff and Geiger products create a flexible environment that supports various working styles. From administrative, non-clinical telemedicine areas, casual lounge areas or individual work stations, a mix of lounge and seated height group work areas with lightweight, ergonomic seating allows caregivers to easily shift between individual work, meetings and ad hoc collaborations.

Support Guests Around the Clock
Patients’ families and their guests are an integral part of the healing process. To provide the best support for their loved ones, they must feel comforted – and empowered. Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff thoughtfully designed new seating, lounge and sleep solutions to meet the needs and functions of diverse environments. Featuring space-saving profiles and minimal footprints, the solutions provide maximum flexibility for guests in typically restrictive waiting room or patient rooms:

Consoul™ Sleep Chair and Consoul Recliner by Nemschoff, offer purposefully built-in features to support guests as part of the healing process. Consoul creates an inviting domain where friends and family can socialize, eat, work, and even sleep in the patient room, all within one efficient footprint. An intuitive two-step process transforms the Consoul Sleep Chair into a completely flat sleeping surface, while the Consoul Recliner supports guests at the bedside with in-arm storage areas, easy-to-reach controls for reclining, and independent foot rest control.

Valor and Monarch™, two new Nemschoff collections of coordinating lounge, multiple and stack seating, benches and end tables create a warm welcome for patients and their guests in the waiting room or reception areas. These elegant groups merge flexibility with functionality in the smallest footprint possible. The latest additions to the Monarch Collection, which coordinate with the broad range of the family’s seating and table options to provide a cohesive look throughout any facility, include:

Monarch Sleep Chair, a guest overnight solution for the patient room that folds completely flat to transform into a sleep platform in two easy steps, and features durable materials, quality construction and a clean-out design to withstand tough healthcare conditions;

Monarch Lounge, an elegant, generous seating area within a slim, space saving profile designed to support easy movement in and out of the chair.

Merge Sleepover Flop Sofa (Merge) a Nemschoff designed seating solution for the comfort of patients’ visitors and families, features multiple configurations, including sleeping, working, dining and socializing, without interfering with the caregiver’s access to the patient.

Steps modular lounge collection, designed by Nemschoff in collaboration with Brian Kane of Kane Design Studio, makes use of sections to form serpentine and in-line forms, creating boundaries within open spaces to accommodate any seating need. Accompanied by a Freestanding Table and Ottoman, Steps features various height options – from high-back seating solutions to flat benches – to establish areas of openness and/or privacy that can be used to direct the flow of visitors.

Putting Patients in Control – and Healing Into Focus
Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff have created new flexible patient room solutions that empower
patients – and their caregivers – with the potential for change. Featuring options to maximize space, comfort and privacy without limiting critical caregiver access and maneuverability, these solutions provide patients with the ability to enhance their healing experience, while still offering the same warm aesthetics one might find at home.

Terra Infusion was designed by Nemschoff for cancer patients at their most vulnerable time, offering a system of components that can be configured to meet personal preferences and specific needs. Choices in television cabinets, work surfaces, privacy screens and more meet the expected 31 percent increase in treatments over the next 10 years.

Oasis Overbed Table by Nemschoff maximizes utilization of critical surface space and controls clutter. Featuring dedicated compartments to organize healthcare items and patients’ personal items, the rounded edges and casters allow for easy access and reconfiguration by caregivers.

Compass™, a modular system of interchangeable components designed in collaboration with Continuum, a global design and innovation consultancy, features an adaptive approach capable of supporting lean processes in patient rooms, exam rooms, labs and beyond. Created to meet the needs of the evolving healthcare environment, Compass' latest enhancements include:

  • technology support products, including monitor and keyboard supports to accommodate equipment in patients care areas, with optional CPU holders
  • integrated powered cabinets for printers, faxes, gaming solutions and other technology solutions
  • adjustable lighting capabilities designed to meet all user applications

Herman Miller Healthcare and its combined offers of Herman Miller, Nemschoff and Geiger products are designed to be adaptive to any work environment. Hospitals are seeking a “forgiving” design solution that will adjust to workflow and processes, limit the spread of infection, and ultimately increase the satisfaction and safety of patients, their families and caregivers. Through the use of reconfigurable casework – including Herman Miller Healthcare’s Ethospace Nurses’ Station, the Co/Struc healthcare furniture system our new solutions support cost savings and decrease downtime needed for renovations in physical space or adapting to new care practices

“Supporting change capacity at all points of work and care – and allowing for continuous improvement – is the foundation behind Herman Miller Healthcare’s Living Office approach and the inspiration behind our flexible solutions on display at NeoCon this year,”  said Louise McDonald. “We can’t control or predict the future needs and changes in healthcare. But by planning ahead with an adaptive environment, we can help our clients reduce their costs, improve their business results and contribute to the overall satisfaction of staff and patients during their stay in your facility.”

About Herman Miller’s Healthcare Businesses
Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff bring over 80 years of combined experience and a deep understanding of healthcare environments to help clients think strategically about their space—beyond furniture. They leverage this rich insight and an unparalleled product offering to create adaptive environments across the care continuum that are better for patients and smarter for business. Through a network of clinical strategists, designers, application specialists and sales professionals, the companies provide research-based, problem-solving solutions to improve working and healing environments. Herman Miller is a charter member of the Health Facility Institute; a Pebble Partner with the Center for Health Design; an Industry Partner of the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Design; and now a member of the Planetree Visionary Design Network (PVDN), the first manufacturer to be awarded this distinction.