June 9, 2014

New Website Designed as a Resource and Learning Tool to Aid in Understanding and Specifying Healthcare Textiles

 A joint effort from Herman Miller and Maharam, healthcaretextiles.com is a new website that provides clear, fact-based information on textiles for healthcare environments.

The site, making its debut during NeoCon 2014 in the Herman Miller Healthcare showroom #330 Merchandise Mart, and online, is designed to be a resource and learning tool to aid in the understanding and specification of textiles for healthcare environments.

“The site is meant for anyone who needs more knowledge and wants the ability to order samples, especially design professionals,” Diane Turnwall, Vice President of Materials Innovation, Herman Miller, Inc.

“We believe the right performance textile can help caregivers do their work better, and that, in turn, can translate into a better experience for the patient. The site is designed to help designers make the best choice possible for their healthcare projects, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. To achieve that, the site presents clear, fact-based information to aid in decision-making,” said Turnwall.

“Maharam has always strived to be an educational resource for our clients,” noted Hillary Ellner, Director of Product Management, Maharam. “We provide them with clear, up-to-date information stripped of ‘marketing-ese.’

We pay particularly close attention to healthcare, since new information is continually emerging, and it can be difficult at times to discern the truth amidst the claims. Since our philosophical approach and goals are so aligned on this issue, it made sense for us to combine our expertise and efforts with Herman Miller to create this site.”

Healthcaretextiles.com includes an extensive Glossary that defines terms and phrases used in relation to healthcare textiles, as well as abstracts of whitepapers from reputable sources and links to the papers. The Glossary provides straightforward definitions of terms related to healthcare textiles, in particular information about various antimicrobial finishes.

The site includes a wealth of information designers may not find in other resources. For example, test results for stains that pertain specifically to healthcare environments are included, information that is not readily available elsewhere.

“There is also the ability to browse and search textiles from the offerings of Herman Miller and Maharam, as well as selections from Momentum and Stinson that are part of the Nemschoff Performance Fabric program,” said Nicole Allis, Portfolio Lead, Nemschoff. “Each of these textiles is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of healthcare environments,” noted Allis.

Unbiased, Up-to-Date Information
As leaders in the healthcare market, each company brings credibility to the project and has taken great care to make sure the content is accurate, relevant, and up to date.

In addition, a group of independent experts consulted on the development of the site. These included a broad range of design professionals, as well as a select advisory group who contributed content and checked it for accuracy. The advisors included

  • Debra D. Harris, PhD, RAD Consultants, a consultant specializing in evidence-based design, building performance, and occupant outcomes
  • Gang Sun, PhD, professor at University of California, Davis, and researcher of materials and textile chemistry, and nanotechnologies
  • James Ewell, a member of the original team that founded GreenBlue and currently Director of the GreenBlue Chemicals program
  • Laura Guido-Clark, textile designer and experience consultant specializing in the colors, materials, and finishes of consumer products
  • Rosalyn Cama, President and Principal Interior Designer of the evidence-based planning and design firm CAMA, Incorporated

Geared To Be an Ongoing Resource
Developers geared the site to be a useful tool for interior designers, facility managers, dealers, and students of architecture and design. “It’s really a resource for anyone seeking in-depth information on the application of textiles in healthcare environments,” notes Turnwall. “We believe the site will be a highly useful and ongoing resource for these design professionals.”

About Herman Miller’s Healthcare Businesses
Herman Miller Healthcare brings together the comprehensive offerings of Herman Miller, Geiger and Nemschoff, to help healthcare organizations and their partners create environments for people to work well, get well, and live well. Driven by a deep commitment to research-based, problem-solving design, they collaborate with industry thought leaders and world class designers to inspire, develop, and manufacture innovative furnishings and equipment centered on the needs of the people who work throughout healthcare systems. With 80 years of combined healthcare industry experience, and a team of clinical and workplace strategists, Herman Miller Healthcare's solutions improve the work experience and performance of professionals wherever care is delivered, supported, or administered.

About Maharam
Founded in 1902, Maharam is globally recognized for its rigorous and holistic commitment to design as a leading provider of textiles for commercial and residential interiors. Balancing an appreciation of history with innovative interdisciplinary exploration, Maharam embraces a range of disciplines from product, graphic, and digital design to art and architecture. Maharam textiles are included in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Stedelijk Museum, among others.