June 8, 2012

Adapts. Streamlines. Welcomes. Comforts. Reassures.

For Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff, subsidiaries of Herman Miller, Inc., such attributes within a healthcare setting are not just design considerations, but integral parts of facilitating the work flow, communication and well-being of patients, their visitors and caregivers. At NeoCon 2012 (#330), Chicago, June 11-13, the Companies unveil future-forward interior solutions–from waiting room seating to patient-centered overbed tables–that accomplish these essential design functions through the transformative power of space.

“With more than 40 years of healthcare experience and research-based knowledge, we, together with Nemschoff, remain committed to enhancing the patient, visitor and caregiver experience by maximizing, what can be very limiting, hospital spaces,” said Paul Nemschoff, Vice President Healthcare Marketing and Distribution, Herman Miller Healthcare. “For us, flexibility is a priority that is woven throughout our furnishing portfolio because it allows designers to not only build a more efficient environment, but a collaborative one that instills a positive spirit for all involved in the healing process.”

Hands-On Healthcare Design
With an adaptive design capable of supporting lean processes, Herman Miller Healthcare’s award-winning Compass System (Compass), a revolutionary modular System of interchangeable components designed in collaboration with Continuum, continues to provide patients, family and caregivers a solution that improves space, comfort and efficiency in any healthcare setting. Created to meet the needs of the evolving healthcare environment, Compass’ latest enhancements include:

  • Technology support products including keyboard arms, CPU holders, and monitor supports to accommodate equipment in patient care areas
  • Additional storage option, including deeper upper units and narrow lockers, that can be reconfigured, allowing for extension into broader applications
  • Integrated printer and cable management solutions
  • Lighting capabilities designed to be adjustable to meet all user applications
  • ADA-compliant sink option to help users meet the diverse needs of patients while providing the same infection-prevention features–including reduced splashing–found in the original sink

This year at NeoCon, Herman Miller Healthcare proves Compass’ real-time adaptability and reconfigurable capabilities with the Sandbox, an interactive showroom display that demonstrates the ease of reconfiguration.

Warm Welcome
Waiting or admitting areas are often the first opportunity healthcare facilities have to leave a lasting impression on patients and their visitors. To ensure a warm and positive environment that also overcomes the challenge of space limitations in these areas, Nemschoff has created comfortable furnishing solutions that are as sophisticated as they are inviting to accommodate the needs of diverse end-users.

  • Valor™ and Monarch™: Supporting up to 350 pounds to ensure the comfort of all users, the Collections of lounge, multiple and stack seating and end tables by Nemschoff offers ideal value for waiting room applications. Providing ultimate design versatility, the Monarch Wood Collection and the Valor Steel Collection have sophisticated, upscale designs yet remain warm and inviting.

Center of Healing
A major challenge in patient room design is integrating necessary furnishings without overcrowding patients or inhibiting caregivers. Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff products overcome this hurdle by providing big comfort with small footprints.

  • Pause Side Chair and Multiple Seating: To increase workflow within an exam room, this furnishing Collection by Nemschoff features adjustable-capacity seating with sliding arms to create larger or smaller seating arrangements to accommodate any space. Further extending flexibility, Pause now features a 90-degree corner table to enhance end-user functionality through space-efficient design.
  • L Carts: Providing smaller, efficient mobility, L Carts by Herman Miller Healthcare feature a C-frame, drawers and a space-maximizing surface area to meet caregiver needs in real time.
  • Serenity® III Treatment Chair: Specifically designed by Nemschoff for procedures that require more time, this treatment chair accommodates diverse end-users with a broad seat, wide supportive arms and an additional back cushion. A pullout footrest and central brake and steer feature to lock the chair in specific positions also enable complete patient comfort without limiting caregiver access.
  • Oasis Overbed Table: Meeting the need for maximum utilization of critical surface space, the award-winning overbed table by Nemschoff controls clutter. It provides dedicated compartments to organize healthcare items and affords patients a chance to own their space. Rounded edges and casters also allow for easy access and reconfiguration by caregivers.
  • Nala® Patient Chair: Testament to the ergonomic expertise, engineering technologies and extensive research utilized to ensure ultimate patient comfort, Nemschoff’s durable patient chair features Harmonic™ tilt motion, Super Seat seat-and-back construction and Silver C2C certification from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC). Nala’s leaf spring technology and pivoting arms also enable easy mobility and an open, clean design.
  • Centé® Patient Chair: This lightweight and comfortable chair by Nemschoff reduces the physical effort required of caregivers when moving a patient from standing to seated and back to standing positions.

Caregiver Support
To inspire collaboration, ensure comfort and streamline workflow for caregivers while still supporting lean processes, Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff have created flexible furnishing solutions specifically designed to support staff throughout their busy shifts and beyond.

  • Ethospace Caregiver Station: Providing a seamlessly blended division between a hospital hallway and caregivers’ workspaces as well as ample file storage, Herman Miller Healthcare’s caregiver station features 46-inch tiles that extend to the floor for a clean aesthetic. The station also features transaction surfaces on wings to support charting and collaboration.
  • Exam Stools: With a variety of styles and finishes to match the surrounding environment, Nemschoff’s exam stools have several adjustment features to meet the needs of diverse
  • Meridian Benches: Offering a respite area for busy caregivers, these Nemschoff benches are designed to be durable and ensure long-lasting comfort for end-users in high-traffic areas.
  • Compass Lockers: Modified with a smaller footprint to accommodate space-constrained settings, the wardrobe area of Herman Miller Healthcare’s Compass is lockable for personal storage and also features lower cabinets for magazines or shared supply storage.

Powerful Design Influences
Recognizing the importance of family and friend in a patient’s healing process, Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff have designed products that support the comfort of both patients and their loved ones with soothing and flexible furnishing solutions.

  • Revive Guest Center: To ensure guests are able to rest comfortably while visiting with a patient, Nemschoff has re-engineered the seat depth and sleep deck of this guest center for added comfort. Featuring deep storage drawers for bedding and pillows to maximize space and multiple fabric and finish options for ultimate versatility, this furnishing solution offers a welcoming space for visitors.
  • Revive Dresser: Part of the Nemschoff’s Revive Collection of casegoods, sleep products and display products, this dresser, available in honey, maple or titanium finishes, offers a safe place for personal storage in patient rooms, exam spaces and specialty clinics to help patients and their loved ones feel at home.
  • Brava Lounge Chairs: Providing comfort for patients, visitors and caregivers alike, Nemschoff’s lounge chairs offer a variety of custom options to outfit diverse areas within a healthcare facility. Supporting up to 350 pounds, Brava Lounge Chairs are available in multiple neutral fabrics.
  • SleepOver® Bench: Designed by Nemschoff with a smaller footprint to accommodate space-constrained patient rooms, this bench features below-surface storage space as well as an anti-fungal and anti-moisture sleep surface with a removable cover for added infection control.
  • DexFolding Chair: Designed specifically for healthcare environments, Nemschoff’s folding chair enables ad hoc seating that stands up to frequent cleaning and use. Capable of working in tandem with Compass, the folding chair folds to a five inch-profile and supports up to 350 pounds.

Universal Comfort
The Pamona™ Collection developed by Nemschoff offers comfort to patients, guests and caregivers alike. Ideal for any healthcare environment, the modern lounge pieces fit effortlessly into a contemporary design.

  • Pamona Recliner: Created with replaceable arm caps and metal legs for long-term performance, this relaxing recliner features spring-seat construction and a continuous surface on the footrest to ensure end-user comfort and safety.
  • Pamona SleepOver Flop Sofa: The clean, fashionable Nemschoff sleep sofa offers patients, guests a place to relax and recharge. Now featuring an improved cushion design, the sofa features wallsaver legs, folding back cushions, replaceable components and a supportive sleep surface, adding to the furnishing’s practical versatility.
  • Pamona Lounge Collection: Designed in collaboration with David Allan Pesso of New Studio, LLC, the sophisticated lounge features a clean-cut design and wallsaver legs. Easy cleanability is a key design feature to promote infection control. It is available in one, two or three seat models with coordinating tables and sleep products.
  • Pamona Table Collection: This contemporary table was specifically designed for healthcare facilities, with Nemschoff healthcare wood finish options, replaceable components and durable construction. It is designed to coordinate with the Pamona SleepOver Flop Sofa or Pamona Lounge Collection.

Healthcare Meets Hospitality
To accommodate the rapid pace of a healthcare facility, it is essential that comforting respite areas are readily available for patients, caregivers and their visitors. Whether used for rest or as an area for staff to quickly confer, these holistic spaces inspire collaboration while fostering well-being.

  • Steps™: Developed by Nemschoff in collaboration with Brian Kane of Kane Design Studio, Steps makes use of sections to form serpentine and in-line forms, and has the power to create boundaries within open spaces to accommodate a variety of seating areas. Steps includes options of varying heights – from high-back seating solutions to flat benches–to allow areas of openness and/or privacy that can be used to direct the flow of visitors.
  • Terra Credenza: Creating a softer aesthetic while still meeting healthcare standards, this full line of casegoods by Nemschoff for lobby and waiting room applications features ease of cleaning for infection control, durability and natural maple or metallic finish. Terra Credenza is designed to support the needs of patients and their guests, conveying a sense of comfort and order through elegant details and a clean aesthetic.

With input from internal clinical and application strategists and healthcare designers, these latest introductions prove Herman Miller’s and its two subsidiaries’–Nemschoff and Herman Miller Healthcare–longstanding commitment to enrich the healing environment for patients, their families and healthcare professionals, through thoughtfully designed solutions that optimize space to maximize the way end-users think, work and heal.

About Herman Miller's Healthcare Businesses
Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff bring over 40 years of experience and a deep understanding of healthcare environments to help clients think strategically about their space—beyond furniture. They leverage this rich insight and an unparalleled product offering to create adaptive environments across the care continuum that are better for patients and smarter for business. Through a network of clinical strategists, clinical designers, and sales professionals, the companies provide research-based, problem-solving solutions to improve working and healing environments. Herman Miller is a charter member of the Health Facility Institute; a Pebble Partner with the Center for Health Design; and an Industry Partner of the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Design.