June 9, 2014

In 2013, Herman Miller introduced Living Office, an enlightened and more human-centered framework to approach contemporary office design. Continuing the company’s legacy of leadership in the design of the modern workplace, Living Office addresses wants and needs that are fundamental to all humans, while adaptive to the unique purpose, character and activities of individuals and organizations. Ultimately, Herman Miller’s Living Office seeks to inspire and enable a more natural and desirable workplace, fostering greater connection, creativity, productivity, and prosperity for all.

Building on the growing momentum of Living Office, at NeoCon 2014 Herman Miller unveils new tools, information, and dynamic new furniture designs to help organizations achieve their own Living Office.

Showroom visitors are given new insights into the company’s Living Office capabilities through a richly varied landscape of settings in customized applications, utilizing the company’s new and existing furniture designs to suit the unique needs of its own multifaceted Chicago workforce. The result is a deeper expression of Living Office principles through a shared design exercise that optimizes work and increases interaction among its own employees. Herman Miller’s Living Office concepts are brought to life throughout the company’s 3rd floor showrooms (# 3-321, 3-318, and 3-330) at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, June 9-11, illustrating how real individuals and teams can realize a bespoke space specifically designed for them to live and work at their best.

Herman Miller seeks to inspire customers to create their own Living Office through three distinct areas in its space that communicate deep knowledge and related capabilities:

  • Creating a Living Office: an interactive display area with a proven framework for understanding and creating a Living Office
  • Our Living Office: a Living Office designed to support the needs of its Chicago team
  • Your Living Office: a simulated mock-up space demonstrating the company’s ability to serve its client partners

Herman Miller shares its exploration of a new and richly varied landscape of work alongside a thoughtful array of new product designs.

Designed by UK-based Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, Locale helps organizations better utilize and manage open offices with a system that enables people to seamlessly transition between work done together and alone, and in seated or standing postures. By removing visual and physical obstacles and condensing the architectural scale of an open plan office into a tightly knit neighborhood, Locale helps people stay better connected to their work and each other. During the design process for Locale, Hecht and Colin drew on their own office for inspiration—a highly efficient space that accommodates different work styles and behaves like an energetic international neighborhood. The design drew upon the notion of a thriving English high street, which serves the community and broader city simply and effectively, by arranging a variety of local activities and services in close proximity.

Public Office Landscape
Public transforms every part of the office—including the individual desk—into places for greater collaboration. Designed by Yves Behar and fuseproject, it’s the first office system to support casual work and provide comfort, at the desk, in circulation space, and in group areas—all within a consistent design vocabulary. Visually uniform and modular surfaces, storage, and seating can be configured into a broad range of settings that encourage fluid transitions between collaborative and focused work. The Social Chair is the core component of the Public system, bringing new ergonomics, functionality, and durability to soft seating while accommodating a range of people and postures as they work. The social seat is the core of a new landscape platform that encourages the purposeful interactions that drive work forward—at the desk, in group areas, and throughout the entire office.

Renew Sit-to-Stand Table
Designed by Brian Alexander, Renew makes moving from sitting to standing—and back again—a natural part of people’s day. Combined with a chair, it gives a full range of supported movement so people can stay more active, reduce aches and pains, and keep up a steady flow of energy and ideas. The table features a soft, paddle-shaped switch which intuitively moves the table up to raise and down to lower. A seamless wire management design routes the cords from desktop tools into a cable trough below the table, keeping them out of sight, even when the table is raised. Softly angled corners under the table also protect users’ knees and encourages movement.

Mirra 2 TriFlex 2 Back
Mirra 2 chairs can now achieve the classic look of the original Mirra thanks to an updated TriFlex™ back design. Without a fabric layer, the new TriFlex 2 back provides a higher degree of adaptivity and support than the original TriFlex, allowing for a new level of contouring and micro motion. The TriFlex 2 back is offered in the same color palette as the Butterfly Back™ and will be available for contract order Fall 2014. 

Logic Power Access Solutions
Logic fosters consistent interactions with power and data, helping people work, meet, and create—in any space and on any surface. A range of sizes and configurations enables a uniform experience of connectivity across all settings and available grommet-mounted and clamp-on options ensure that Logic seamlessly integrates with any work surface. Logic also intelligently manages cords and connections—organizing them below the work surface, hidden from view, and affording what people need to work and create. Charging devices or connecting to networks is made simple with an easy-to-access tray. For organizations seeking an integrated Living Office, Logic is the only power access portfolio designed to create a frictionless user experience and ubiquitous technology access at the work surface.

Herman Miller Collection
The Herman Miller Collection’s unique ability to reach and serve virtually every space in modern life is fully realized in the Living Office. As a new vision creates greater harmony between people and the landscapes of work, it seamlessly integrates designs from the Collection to complement and enhance Herman Miller’s new office furniture archetypes. The Collection adds comfort, variety, and balance; provides an expanded variety of solutions for addressing the unique needs of individuals and organizations; and helps enable creativity, performance and expression within a dynamic work community.

This year at NeoCon, several new Collection pieces are featured, including two new sofas designed by BassamFellows: the Bolster and the Bevel sofa groups, and the Tuxedo Classic sofa. The Eames Upholstered Molded Fiberglass Shell Chair also returns, using more sustainable materials and less volatile, monomer-free “dry-bind” process. These new soft seating options are complemented by a wider range of Collection seating and occasional tables, including the newest introductions, the Girard Color Wheel Ottoman (part of a larger set of Alexander Girard furniture and textiles orderable in late 2014) and the Polygon tables by Studio 7.5. Finally, the Mart’s south lobby once again serves as a vibrant Collection display, featuring dozens of the iconic Eames shell chairs each in a variety of specification options.