June 9, 2014

Nemschoff’s new Palisade Collection won a Silver Award in the Healthcare: Guest / Lounge Seating category in the Best of NeoCon 2014 competition, which recognizes state-of-the-art product design, technological innovation and environmental sustainability.

The Palisade collection is designed to encourage guest participation in the healing process by creating an accommodating and responsive setting within the patient room.

Nemschoff Director of Product Development Gary Cruce said, “We’re particularly proud that this product was singled out for recognition. The support of family and friends is so critical to the patient experience, yet it really hasn’t been given the attention it deserves. We feel that Palisade brings significant design innovation and functionality to a place where it matters most – the patient room.”

Palisade is based on research that shows the presence of family members can improve patient outcomes, communication, and satisfaction. Family support can also lower the potential of patient injury, thus reducing costs, as shown in a recent study at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

By providing family areas in patient rooms, patient falls were cut by two-thirds compared to rooms with no family area.

“It is well known that the support of family and friends has a positive effect on the patient experience,” said Dave Ruppel, Nemschoff Vice President and General Manager. “The Palisade collection was designed to offer a sense of welcome and comfort to guests, supporting their need to work, eat, sleep, and stay close to their loved one.”

“Palisade is a thoughtful solution that recognizes the fact that families and friends function as a critical part of the caregiving team,” added Louise McDonald, President of Herman Miller Healthcare.

Building upon years of knowledge and leadership in the sleep solutions category, Nemschoff designed Palisade to be a more complete family-centered solution that elevates the critical role of guest and family support to enhance and improve outcomes, safety, and workflow within the patient room.

The Palisade collection features seating, technology support, lighting, storage, sleeping, and work space. Designed for Nemschoff by Jess Sorel of Sorel Studio, Palisade supports multiple functions within the patient room footprint while providing the flexibility to support the continuous changes in healthcare facilities.

While traditional patient rooms focus on the patient, Sorel was intrigued by the idea of focusing on another important audience within that same space. In designing Palisade, he created an environment that speaks to the patient’s guests first, instantly signaling a sense of welcome and support.

“From the minute you walk into the room, you can immediately see that there is something different here, and you are the target,” said Sorel. “Once this guest has been effectively cared for, it enables them to turn their attention to hosting the patient. It’s fascinating to think of hosting as not only a person-to-person relationship, but also something a space can communicate to a person.”

Palisade includes a sofa that converts to a sleep surface, open and intuitive storage, a guest stool that is designed to sit next to the bed and supports eye-level guest-to-patient interactions, and a mobile table with legs that slide under the sofa for a more efficient footprint.

“Palisade is ideal for facilities where space is at a premium, but comfort and satisfaction can’t be compromised,” said Ruppel. “Through comfortable, flexible solutions, facilities will be ready to support patients and their guests, while still maximizing hospitals’ use of space and return on investment.”

Sponsored by Contract magazine, the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. (MMPI), the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and the McMorrow Report, the Best of NeoCon awards honors new products introduced to the U.S. market since the close of NeoCon 2013. Products are on display at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago during NeoCon 2014, held June 9-11. There were more than 400 products entered into the 2014 competition.

About Nemschoff
Nemschoff, a Herman Miller company, provides innovative furnishings for healthcare and other high-use environments, including education and public spaces. With equal emphasis on style and performance, Nemschoff solutions combine high-quality materials and construction, thoughtful features, and unparalleled comfort, into a unique form of design that has become the preferred choice for equipping healthcare environments. Founded in 1950, with headquarters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Nemschoff believes that people make a difference, things should be built to last, and design can improve the way we work, heal, and live.