Lobby to Lounge

Energetic central Plaza for a youthful company headquarters uses a curved installation of teal Bevel Sofa Group components to divide space.

This lively central plaza provides a pathway for impromptu connections—between colleagues in an office, or among guests in a hospitality application.

A curved installation of teal Bevel Sofa Group components is used to divide space.

The serpentine sectional, created from Bevel Sofa Group components, is the focal point of this lounge setting. Bevel offers pleasing lumbar support, making it ideal for public spaces that double as work settings.

A casual meeting space featuring two Eames Wire Chairs and an Eames Table. The background features Bevel Sofa Group components.

Optional upholstered seat pads were added to the Eames WIre Chair in 2017, offering more immediate comfort in this striking, timeless design. Paired with versatile Eames Tables, they create gathering points throughout the setting for quick chats or email checks between meetings.

Featured Products and Materials

Bevel Sofa Group

Product shown in Nobel Peacock.

Eames Wire Chairs

Product shown in Chrome with Black Leather upholstered seat pads.

Eames Tables

Product shown with White Back-painted glass top, White column, and Polished Aluminum base.

Nelson Bubble Lamps

Product shown in Pear pendant shape.

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