Open Connection

A Bevel Sofa in a circular configuration around an Eames Table. Two green Reframe Lounge Chairs sit casually in the background.

People value openness in companies and office space. While some meetings require a closed door, the right design can help others feel private right out in the open.

Two green Reframe Lounge chairs gathered beside a walnut Reframe table. The scene is set infront of a pink wall featuring a chest of drawers.

Designed by EOOS for Geiger and part of the Herman Miller Collection, Reframe Lounge Seating activates working lounges, supporting a range of activities from casual group chats to heads-down individual work.

A Bevel Sofa in a circular configuration surrounding an Eames Table with a White Ash top.

Bevel Sofa Group’s modular components make a variety of configurations possible. This curved, semi-enclosed arrangement acts as a boundary within which two to five people can meet while maintaining connection to the rest of the office.

Featured Products and Materials

Bevel Sofa Group

Product shown in Geiger Textiles Bellano Pewter and Charcoal.

Reframe Lounge Seating

Product shown in Geiger Textiles Iota Forest.

Eames Low Occasional Table

Product shown with Ash Top.

Nelson Thin Edge Cabinet

Product shown in White Ash.

Reframe Table

Product shown in Natural Walnut.

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