Warm Up Your Welcome

A casual work setting featuring Module Lounge Seating and the Crosshatch Chair. The background features a gathering of Eames Molded Wood Stools and a lounge area.

This sophisticated plaza does double duty, extending a warm welcome to guests as well as providing a welcoming place for employees seeking a change of scenery.

A lounge setting featuring Tuxedo Sofa and two Tuxedo Tables. Four Eames Molded Wood Stools suround an Eames Table in the background.

By providing a mix of soft seating and standing-height tables and stools, this setting acts as a central gathering point for employees looking for a comfortable alternative spot for casual group chats or short bursts of individual work.

A Crosshatch Lounge Chair in profile with a Module Lounge Sofa in the background.

Beautifully upholstered on all sides, this Module Lounge Seating sofa can be situated to subdivide an open public space to modulate traffic flow. The lightweight nature of the Crosshatch Lounge Chair invites easy rearranging when necessary.

Featured Products and Materials

Module Lounge Seating

Product shown in Maharam Hallingdal 116.

Tuxedo Sofa

Product shown in Geiger Textiles Stricia Portland.

Crosshatch Lounge Chair

Product shown in Geiger Textiles Saille Celadon with Walnut frame.

Eames Molded Wood Stools

Product shown in Walnut with Black base.

I Beam Table

Product shown in Matte Black with Clear glass top.

Nelson Bubble Lamps

Product shown in Ball pendant shape.

Tuxedo Tables

Product shown in Walnut.

Eames Standing Height Table

Product shown in Black back-painted glass.

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