Refine Your Collaboration Style

Long black meeting table with gray upholstered barstools in front of TV screen. To the left, a black leather sofa, wooden lounge chairs, and open bookshelf, and to the right, a cluster of gray half-circle upholstered chairs and credenza.

Meetings of all shapes and sizes can take place in this setup. For more formal discussions, a bar-height community table and stools put everyone at eye level and encourages them to participate in the conversation. Casual lounge furniture accommodates casual conversations. Use our Elements portfolio to find the perfect product for every situation from our extensive family of brands.

A cluster of four gray upholstered half-circle swivel chairs, glass coffee table, and large fern plants in front of wall-mounted whiteboard and wooden console.

People huddle up and put their heads together in this configuration of Venice Chairs from DWR Contract, circled around an MP Table from Geiger. A large, centralized whiteboard gives people a place to outline problems and document solutions.

Black leather sofa with glass coffee table and upholstered lounge chairs sit atop black and white patterned rug, with wall-leaning wood bookshelf and tall black floor lamp.

A Wireframe Sofa from Herman Miller and a glass Layer Table from Geiger create a refined, welcoming space for reading, checking emails, or catching up with a colleague. A vibrant rug anchors the space and adds a dash of pattern and color.

Upholstered light gray lounge chairs, wooden coffee table, glass side table, and gray poufs sit atop a black and white patterned rug. A wood bookshelf leans on the wall nearby.

Since quiet time is essential to the creative process, give people comfortable places where they can break away and recharge for a few moments. Here, a Tamarack Table and Bench from Nemschoff and a pair of Clamshell Chairs from Geiger invite people to relax with a cup of coffee.

Tall conference table with upholstered light gray stools sit in front of a flatscreen TV. Nearby is a lounge seating area with black leather sofa, wood bookshelf, and coffee table.

When a meeting requires break-out sessions, the long community table easily separates into smaller sections where groups can spread out and sit comfortably in Viv Stools from naughtone.

Black leather Wireframe Sofa sits in front of tall windows, with glass coffee table, black floor lamp, and upholstered Clamshell Chairs, atop black and white patterned rug. A wood bookshelf leans on the wall nearby.

A bit of greenery, a beautiful rug, and storage in the form of Folk Shelving from DWR Contract creates a quiet spot for comfortable conversations in refined Clamshell Chairs from Geiger.