Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Magis

Magis Officina Bench

Magis Officina Bench in divina MD black, viewed from the front at an angle.

A geometry of strength in a delicate form

Magis Officina Bench in black beech, viewed from the front.

Magis Officina Bench

Erwan Bouroullec, co-designer of the Magis Officina Bench with his brother Ronan, sought “a geometry that would allow us to craft tables and chairs of different sizes. The construction method uses a rod that we heat and press at the point where it will be linked with another rod. It is these precise points that form the language of this collection and the basis for production.” As with the other pieces in the Magis Officina collection, the bench is available in a choice of galvanized or black painted frame and a gently curved seat and backrest in plywood or upholstered.

“It’s about finding a certain balance or character...”

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