Quick response to the body’s movements

Time magazine called it the Design of the Decade—a truly egalitarian chair designed to provide equal ergonomics for everyone. Equa 2 allows everyone in the office—regardless of work activities or body type—to experience good ergonomic support and comfort.

Equa means equal

Equa provides high-performance seating in three sizes, to accommodate general office work, computer work, and meetings. All with a refined, sophisticated design that instantly upgrades any office setting.

A gray upholstered Equa 2 office chair and a black leather Equa 2 sled-base side chair.
Overhead view of a green Equa 2 office chair, showing contoured back.

Human-centered design

Equa 2 provides quick response to your movements with the seat and back flexing separately and a tilt mechanism that maintains natural body motion. Adjustments that fine-tune the fit are simple and easy to use. An opening in the shell allows air to circulate between you and the chair.

No pressure

No pressure beneath your thighs, thanks to the waterfall front edge. No pressure on your arms, thanks to wide, soft armrests that are sloped and height-adjustable. And no pressure when you lean back either; your feet stay on the floor and the front of the seat doesn’t rise.

Front view of a white Equa 2 office chair, showing contoured seat with waterfall edge and soft armrests.
Black leather Equa 2 office chair with a polished aluminum base, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

Pleasing Aesthetic

The curvy contours and rounded edges of the Equa 2 chair add up to a sleek profile that blends nicely into any environment. And the warm finish on the optional polished aluminum base and frame doesn’t show scuffs or scrapes.