Designed by Konstantin Grcic for Magis

Magis Venice Chair

A row of three white Magis Venice side chairs with purple, blue, and orange backrests, viewed from the front.

Comfort indoors and out

White Magis Venice side chair with a blue backrest, viewed from the front.

Magis Venice Chair

The Venice Chair’s sinuous form evokes the flowing shape of a gondola. Technologically innovative—it’s made from a single block of die-cast aluminum that allows the easy attachment of the front and rear extruded aluminum legs—its soft, fluid lines offer comfort both indoors and out. The armrest—a single curved strip—provides support for the elbows. The flexible but sturdy backrest—available in six hues of thermoplastic rubber or leather, depending on the application—and the aluminum frame allow the chair to stack easily. Available in painted black or white or a polished die-cast aluminum for indoor use.

“Designing is big responsibility. And I believe you can only do it well if you truly enjoy it.”

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