Designed by Foster + Partners for Mattiazzi

Mattiazzi Leva Chair

A close up of a Mattiazzi Leva Chair with a dark wood finish.

Pared-down seating that does more with less

Two Mattiazzi Leva Chairs with different wood finishes.

Mattiazzi Leva Chair

Crafted from a single piece of wood, the Leva Chair’s steam-bent arms broaden into a supportive backrest, a gestural quality reminiscent of an oar’s handle as it splays into a flat blade. Drawing on Mattiazzi’s expertise in woodcraft, Foster + Partners gave Leva a gently curved seat for unexpected comfort and a quiet character.

“The chair remains the archetypical furniture piece and one of the most difficult objects to design, requiring a deep understanding of form and comfort.”

More about Foster + Partners

A professional headshot of Mike Holland from Foster + Partners, designers of the Mattiazzi Leva Chair.

Mike Holland, Foster + Partners