Designed by Philippe Starck for Magis

Magis S.S.S.S. Stool

Stainless steel Magis S.S.S.S. barstool, viewed from the front.

Stainless steel, made sweet

Oblique view of a stainless steel Magis S.S.S.S. barstool.

Magis S.S.S.S. Stool

Philippe Starck’s S.S.S.S. Stool exemplifies the designer’s notion that usefulness comes in many forms—function, beauty, humor, and surprise, to name a few. By this definition, his barstool, made entirely from stainless steel, is infinitely practical—a design that piques your curiosity and entices you to sit.

In the S.S.S.S. Stool, Philippe Starck achieves his signature combination of elegance and whimsy. As with all of his beautifully useful designs, Starck’s barstool delights with a surprising quality—it’s made entirely of stainless steel—and a quirky name—Sweet Stainless Steel Stool, shortened to S.S.S.S. The stool swivels and features a pneumatic lift beneath the seat, which intuitively adjusts to the height and weight of the sitter.

“Democratic design.”

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