Live Platform

Premium Plan

An illustration of an office, including yellow an blue walls, standing desks, chairs, and colored boxes that represent the collection of space utilization data
Front-view photo of the Live Platform dashboard, Robin room scheduling app, monthly report, and wellness app

Inform Workplace Strategy and Improve Room Utilization

The Premium Plan is right for you if you’re:

  • Trying to optimize your real estate portfolio
  • Revamping your workplace strategy
  • Struggling with conference room scheduling

The Premium Plan includes:

  • Dashboard Access
  • Desk Sensors
  • Conference Room Sensors
  • Lounge Seating Sensors
  • Monthly Reports
  • Workplace Performance Consults
  • Desk Check-in
  • Wellness App
  • Room Scheduling

Pricing Starts at:

$0.82 / Usable Square Foot / Annually

for Five Year Subscription

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