Designed by Jasper Morrison for Magis

Magis Air-Table

A white Magis Air-Table with a square top.

Keeping affordable style on the table

An angled view of a beige Magis Air-Table with a square top.

Magis Air-Table


A table is only as good as it is sturdy. The Air-Table is made with the same air-molding process developed for the Air-Chair. And like the Air-Chair, the Air-Table is seamless, sturdy and durable, lightweight and stackable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Choose a square or triangular top; both measure 25 inches long on each side and stand 27.4 inches high. Available in white or beige, to pair with Air-Chairs or Folding Air-Chairs for a sleek and stylish look in all kinds of environments.


“I try to put letters in the right letter boxes.”

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