Designed by Eric Chan

Intersect Group Furniture

Adjacent freestanding whiteboards from the Intersect Group serve as an idea exchange center and space divider.

A trio of products to complement any space

Close view of the horizontal surface and storage tray on an Intersect Group mobile easel, both holding small supplies.

Intersect Group Furniture

Intersect Group Furniture comprises a trio of freestanding products that complement any space. Each one helps people collaborate and share in spaces outside individual workstations, where more work is being done. They move and adapt easily to fit people, the space, and the task at hand.

A thoughtful group


Intersect elements are most powerful when used together. They can be used in any combination to support all kinds of interaction—from impromptu meetings to brainstorming sessions.


A telescoping screen from the Intersect Group, consisting of six mobile whiteboards.
A collaboration space furnished with Celeste Seating, a Kotatsu Table, and two mobile easels from the Intersect Group.

Flexible elements

-Giving people control. People can move and arrange Intersect products as needed.
-Easy to move. Each Intersect element is on casters.
-Wide application. Intersect works in all kinds of facilities—offices, schools, hotels, and hospitals.

Contemporary look

-Fresh and honest. Each product has a refined and straightforward appearance.
-Versatile design. Intersect works with a wide range of furniture and interiors.

A collaboration space featuring an Intersect Group mobile easel, Intersect Table, and black Caper Stacking Chairs.