Made to be remade by anyone

With Metaform Portfolio, you can easily adapt your surroundings to your activities and needs. Create an area where your team can gather for informal meetings, or, if you need privacy, compose a workspace where all of your personal items and tools are right where they're needed.

In combination with a colorful array of highly versatile add-on accessories and work surfaces, Metaform’s possibilities are nearly endless.

Metaform Portfolio
Metaform Portfolio

Make your space

There’s no wrong way to use Metaform and no tools are required. Its lightweight Blocks—just under 20 pounds—are easy to move, place, and adjust, so you can make what you want of a space, and adjust it as work progresses.

Add accessories to Blocks and staggered furrows to display and store just about anything—from the artifacts of work to the technology needed for information sharing.

Beyond boundaries

Combine curved and straight Metaform Blocks to create a multitude of settings—from semi-enclosed spaces where you and your team can gather to those where you can focus on your work. Within these settings, work surfaces can be placed at varying heights on the staggered furrows, allowing you to choose the posture that best supports the way you like to work.

Metaform Portfolio
Metaform Portfolio

Commonly exceptional

Metaform Blocks are made from a versatile material, expanded polypropylene (EPP), which is used in everything from safety gear to high-end automobile components. Through an extensive development process, Studio 7.5 refined EPP to create an aesthetically pleasing surface that doesn’t require a finish and is nearly effortless to maintain.

The Blocks can withstand impact without significant damage, and are resistant to water, chemicals, most oils, and temperature extremes. They are also recyclable, so if you ever need to dispose of them, you can do so in an environmentally sensitive manner.