We’re All in This Together

A recent study found that fulfilling the need for belonging can increase employee engagement and help businesses succeed.

We're All in This Together White Paper

The desire to belong is a fundamental and powerful motivator. A recent study found that business leaders can increase employee engagement and improve performance by helping their staff identify with organizational values and create meaningful connections, building their sense of belonging.

Belonging is one of six fundamental human needs—which also include security, autonomy, achievement, status, and purpose—we identified based on an in-depth review of literature, studies, and research from the past 80 years.1

Herman Miller has explored the ways in which tools and technology coupled with supportive workplace design can affect an individual’s sense of belonging. We found important relationships between belonging as a human need and certain design ideas, connecting workplace design with the ability for people to make meaningful connections. When workplaces provide a foundation for attachment, they contribute to employees’ feelings of connection and engagement, driving the success of each organization.

1. Herman Miller, “Fundamental Human Needs,” company confidential, March 2015.