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Two brown leather Eames Aluminum Group Chairs and a Nelson Pedestal Table anchor a casual sitting area in an open workplace.

Equip your people to do great things—so your organization will, too.

At the office, furniture and tools can help or hinder your success. With our diverse product portfolio, you can give your people what they need to achieve their goals.


While its iconic form has remained largely unchanged, the Aeron Chair has been remastered from the casters up to meet the needs of today’s work. With the help of original co-designer, Don Chadwick, we thoughtfully updated the chair based on the latest research around the science of sitting, and advancements in materials, manufacturing, and technology.

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A Hive Setting outfitted with Canvas Office Landscape in white, with black Eames Shell chairs and black Aeron Chairs.

Canvas Office Landscape

Today, people’s work activities are more diverse than ever before. We believe people do their best when they can choose from an array of settings designed to support their activities. From private offices to open work areas and group settings, Canvas Office Landscape has a simple set of elements that can be combined to create a variety of settings with a harmonious aesthetic.

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A series of Locale sit-to-stand desks with a blue Mirra 2 Chair.

Sit-to-Stand Solutions

When people are able to move throughout the work day, their health and performance improve. Herman Miller’s portfolio of sit-to-stand solutions provide the variety people need to sit well, stand well, and be well, so both individuals and the organization can prosper.

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A collage of material swatches in grey, green, and a pop of red.

Materials Portfolio

With the help of Herman Miller’s diverse portfolio of colors, materials, and finishes, organizations and their design partners can create office landscapes with a unique mix of settings where every element suits people’s activities and needs.

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An expanse of Meridian Storage cabinets filled with brightly colored books.

Meridian Storage

Storage can do so much more than keep things organized and out of sight. Meridian works across the landscape by creating boundaries and providing places for people to gather, while as an attractive focal point for a space.

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Outfitting your living office

Whether your organization is more formal than casual, or more uniform than diverse, Living Office recognizes that each organization is different. With a variety of furnishings and tools tailored for Living Office environments, Herman Miller can help you create workplaces that reflect the character of your people and work.

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