Living Office

Living Office

A human-centered approach to work and workplace.


It’s Alive

Living Office applies a deeper understanding of what makes us human to help create workplaces that deliver a more natural and desirable experience of work for people, and fuel greater outcomes for organizations.

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New Ways of Living

Unprecedented change and disruption are calling into question the precepts and standards that for decades have guided how, where, and why we work. By applying a deeper understanding of what makes us human, Living Office helps negotiate the changes at hand.


The New Landscape of Work

A global study reveals six key shifts that are defining the most successful new workplaces.


All Together Now

Workstations and conference rooms can’t do it all. Explore three settings that better meet the needs of today’s work.


Update Available

Technology evolves faster than you can say “USB 3.0.” Get ready for these five trends that are changing the world of work.

Living Well

We conduct rigorous research in real Living Offices, and the results are clear. Living Office is helping people feel more creative, connected, and engaged in their work. In turn, organizations are seeing greater efficiency, productivity, and innovation.


A Public Display of Connection

For San Francisco’s fuseproject, all work is social.


Groomed for Growth

Harry’s new Manhattan workplace is transforming its business as its business transforms.


Taking Care of Business

Our research reveals what individuals and organizations get from their Living Office workplaces. Hint: It’s good news.

Variety of Life

We offer a diverse portfolio of furnishings and tools—as well as the know-how to provision them purposefully—to create diverse settings specifically designed for different people doing different kinds of work.


All Systems Go!

No matter who you are and what you do, we have a work system with your name on it..


Living in a Material World

Creative Director of Materials Laura Guido-Clark explores how materials can support an organization’s culture and people.


Chairs or Why People Sit

Photographer Carl Kleiner captures the art and science of Herman Miller seating.