8 August 2023

Group of Eames Turned Stools in walnut and ebonised ash.

Inspired by designs and technical drawings by Ray and Charles Eames, Herman Miller is pleased to announce it's updated and newly named Eames Turned Stool. The iconic stool, previously titled the Eames Walnut Stool, has until now been available in solid turned walnut and in three shapes. The renamed Eames Turned Stool adds a fourth shape to the collection and expands the finish options to include ebonised ash.

As Herman Miller celebrates 100 years this year, the updated Eames Turned Stool honours the brand's rich design heritage and ongoing commitment to archival introductions and reinterpretations. The iconic design was first introduced in 1960 when Charles and Ray Eames were commissioned to design three lobbies for the newly constructed Time & Life Building at Rockefeller Center in New York City. The stool became one of the project's most famous elements and one of the most recognised pieces in Herman Miller's collection.

"According to photo documentation in the Library of Congress and technical drawings from the Herman Miller Archives, the Eames Office initially prototyped ten variations of turned stool designs," said Amy Auscherman, Director of Global Archives and Brand Heritage at MillerKnoll. "Of those ten designs, four were selected for the lobbies of the Time & Life Building and three made their way into Herman Miller's product line. Shape "D" was included in the original Time & Life lobbies and offers a worthy addition to this now iconic family of Eames designs."

The sculptural stool is highly versatile in function and form, serving as side table and objet d'art. The concave top and bottom of each stool is designed so that it can be placed either way up. It is a sculptural object that is a delightful host to a short-term guest, a stack of books or a beverage.

All four Eames Turned Stools are available in the original solid turned walnut as well as a newly introduced ebonised ash finish. The newly introduced fourth shape is defined by a central section characterised by two thick, circular discs. All shapes share the original dimensions and craftsmanship and can be purchased in stores and online at Herman Miller and through Herman Miller and MillerKnoll dealers for contract customers. Visit the Herman Miller website for your region for availability.

Herman Miller is the sole authorised manufacturer of furniture designs by Charles and Ray Eames for all markets except Europe and the Middle East. For these regions, please contact Vitra.

About Herman Miller

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