Herman Miller x HAY

Herman Miller is built on a legacy of creative partnership. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, the Danish design house HAY thoughtfully reimagines eight Eames classics for a new generation of modern design enthusiasts.

Fine forms, refined

Fresh eyes see new possibilities for classic Eames designs, including a bold new colour palette and updated materials.

Herman Miller x HAY Eames Compact Sofa in Jacob's Coat fabric.

Colour forward. An inspired vision of colour continues Herman Miller’s design legacy—including seven spirited colourways anchored by a statement-making neutral and a special reissue of Jacob’s Coat designed by Alexander Girard.

Herman Miller x HAY outdoor setting with Eames Table and Eames Wire Chair.

Cast in glass. The introduction of cast-glass spheres on the Eames Hang-It-All and tabletop slabs on the Eames Wire Base Low Table and Universal Base Round Table are clever plays on colour, tactility, and light.

Herman Miller x HAY Eames Wire Base Low Tables in powder pink and iron red.

A more sustainable shell. Eames Moulded Plastic Shell Chairs now contain 100% post-industrial recycled plastic, part of a larger Herman Miller imperative to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

Herman Miller x HAY Eames Moulded Plastic Chair group shot on sage background.

Outside/in. The collection’s durable and lightweight tables and wire chairs are graded for outdoor use, from the patio to the sunroom.

A curious story of designers at play

From Charles and Ray to Mette and Rolf, a beautifully interconnected story of design partnership brought to life in a first-of-its-kind collaboration, Herman Miller x HAY.


Herman Miller x HAY Collection

HAY co-founders Rolf and Mette Hay.

Rolf and Mette Hay visit the Eames House

Dive into the original story of HAY's collaboration with Herman Miller as the Danish founders make a pilgrimage to Charles and Ray's home and studio in Los Angeles

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