A selection of OE1 Workspace Collection materials, including light brown laminate surface, grey marker cup, green leg, blue fabric and red frame.


A line drawing - OE1 Power Tray

OE1 Power Tray

  • Width: 508mm
  • Depth: 279mm
A line drawing - OE1 Powerbox

OE1 Powerbox

  • Width: 102mm
  • Depth: 254mm


A close up of Finish Black BK.



Black OE1 Powerbox, viewed from an angle.

Charging ports

Three USB-C ports and one USB-A port for charging laptop computers and mobile devices.

Black OE1 Powerbox, viewed from an angle.

Portable and lightweight

The handle is easily identifiable and ergonomically designed, making it simple to pick up the OE1 Powerbox.

Four black OE1 Powerbox batteries mounted on a black OE1 Power Tray, viewed from an angle.

Versatile charging

The OE1 Powerbox can be charged by the Power Tray or with an optional charging cable kit.

Four black OE1 Powerbox batteries docked on a black OE1 Power Tray on a green OE1 Storage Trolley, viewed from an angle.

OE1 Storage Trolley

The OE1 Powerbox and Power Tray are designed to fit neatly on the OE1 Storage Trolley for easy transport.

Grey OE1 Agile Wall, brown OE1 Huddle Table, white OE1 Storage Trolley and OE1 Powerbox and Power Tray, with a white background.

Powers large electronics

The Power Tray with four Powerbox batteries can power larger electronics including monitors, projectors, and even sit-to-stand tables like OE1 Micro Packs.

Black OE1 Powerbox, viewed from an angle.

Power level indicator

Push the button to see the power level and know when the Powerbox needs to be charged.

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