Ondo Connectivity Module

Front view of a screen attached to a Flo Monitor Arm integrated with an Ondo Connectivity Module on a desk connected to a semi-closed laptop.

Tames desktop cable clutter and provides pass-through access to power and data below the desk

Designed for easy attachment to the work surface or to the base of a Flo, Ollin, Lima, or Wishbone monitor arm, the Ondo Connectivity Module helps create a clean, minimalist desktop aesthetic by corralling cords and cables and routing them to an under-desk docking station (not included). Ondo draws on power from the docking station to provide a convenient way to connect and charge your devices at the desktop.

A desk with a mobile phone charging cable and a data cable connected to an Ondo Connectivity Module.

Tames Cable Clutter

Ondo’s compact design with integrated cable management system is the antidote to desk clutter. When you use Ondo in conjunction with the Loop Micro Mount, it keeps cables above and below the desk tidy in a minimal amount of space. Nylon braided cables (included) are tangle-resistant and durable.

Angled view showing a corner of a monitor screen with power cables routed from a connected monitor arm and through an Ondo Connectivity Module to a laptop and under a desk.

Provides Pass-Through Access to Power and Data

Ondo works in concert with Flo, Ollin, Lima, and Wishbone monitor arms, routing the power and data from your under-desk docking station to two USB-A and two USB-C ports on the desktop for convenient access. Alternatively, Ondo can also be directly mounted to the work surface, providing all the benefits of power and connectivity without the need for a monitor arm.

Overhead view of a Wishbone Monitor Arm integrated with an Ondo Connectivity Module on a work desk and connected to a Laptop and phone.

Tool-Free Installation

Available in silver, white, or black, Ondo installs without any tools. For the arm mounted version, simply put the monitor arm through the hole in the Ondo clamp cover, secure it, and plug in your cables to be up and running. For the work surface version, use the under-desk clamp to quickly attach it.


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