Monto Sit-Stand Riser

A side view of a Monto Sit-Stand Riser in a raised position and paired with a large curved screen on a white Ollin Monitor Arm.

Make any work surface sit-to-stand

Monto is a portable desktop riser that turns any work surface into a sit-to-stand workstation. It seamlessly integrates with Ollin and Flo monitor arms to create a fully ergonomic setup that’s simple to use. The efficient design encourages postural variety to provide comfort throughout the day, wherever you work.

A back angled view of Monto Sit-Stand Riser paired with a black curved screen and Ollin Monitor Arm.

Don’t Just Sit There

Whether you’re working at home or at the office, postural variety is the key to physical comfort. When Monto is positioned on its feet, its spring-assisted lift mechanism with gravity-lock latches lets you move smoothly between sitting down and standing up. With Monto’s nine settings, you’ll always be able to find a standing position that’s comfortable for you.

Aerial view of Monto Sit-Stand Riser with a white Ollin Monitor Arm and screen.

Get Comfortable on the Go

Monto’s light, lean design means you can easily move it from one workstation to another. Even better, you don’t need any tools for setup. Your monitor attaches independently to the work surface, rather than to Monto, ensuring a stable surface for typing. For workstations already equipped with Flo or Ollin monitor arms, simply add an extended-height desk clamp and enjoy all the benefits of a sit-to-stand desk.

A Monto Sit-Stand Riser in a raised position with a black Lolly Lamp.

Make Room for Work

With clean, curved edges and a premium finish, Monto integrates seamlessly into any workspace. It’s designed to optimize work-surface space by keeping cables tidy with integrated cable management clips, which leaves the surrounding area clear for tech tools, documents, lights, and other workstation essentials. Monto’s soft-to-the-touch, durable surface serves as a built-in mousepad. When not in use, Monto folds into a thin profile so it can be stacked neatly under a desk or in a storage cabinet.


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