Meticulous attention to detail, thoughtful consideration of context

Herman Miller approached Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of London-based Industrial Facility with a detailed set of requirements for a new lounge seating solution. The need was for a design that could provide individual comfort while giving interior planners a versatile, modular solution for commercial spaces.

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, designers of Plex Lounge Furniture.

Aspiring to simplicity

Hecht and Colin responded with Plex Lounge Furniture, a simple, adaptive design that’s appropriate for the variety of ways we work and live today and the environments where those activities occur. “We believe that simple is better,” Colin says. “Why would anyone aspire to complexity?”

A question of balance

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin design products that reflect a meticulous attention to detail marked by their thoughtful consideration of context. Hecht is a native Londoner, educated as an industrial designer, contemplative, and drawn to essential simplicity. Colin is a Californian, trained as an architect, effusive, and drawn to use the sensibilities of her discipline—emotion, scale, landscape, culture—to inform design. This macro/micro balance is beautifully evident in the design of Plex Lounge Furniture.

Overhead view of a blue Plex club chair.

“It has to be comfortable, not just to the eye but also to the body and the hand and the way you sit in it.”

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Product Designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin