Designed by Studio 7.5

Mirra 2 Chairs

Black Mirra 2 office chair, viewed from a 45-degree angle and showing ergonomic controls.

Lean, light and as responsive as your own shadow

Making every molecule count

Product Details

Front view of a blue Mirra 2 office chair, showing ergonomic controls underneath.


Designers' Passion

The designers of Studio 7.5 on how Mirra 2 advances how you sit


Designers’ Passion

Studio 7.5 on how Mirra 2 advances how you sit.

A balance of comfort and personalised ergonomics in one sophisticated design

Design Story

Designer Carola Zwick and engineer Roland Zwick test materials for the Mirra 2 office chair at Studio 7.5.


Mirra 2 work chairs and stools are both available in two back options, either the flexible TriFlex back or the ultra-responsive Butterfly back. Stools extend the Mirra 2 design into any setting, where seated and standing collaborators benefit from being at a common eye level.

Blue Mirra 2 Chair with Butterfly Back, black Mirra 2 Stool with Butterfly Back, gray Mirra 2 Chair with TriFlex Back.