Designed for freedom

Herman Miller understands that the workplace is changing. As nomadic or activity based working increases and new technologies are embraced, a new set of tools are required. The Anywhere Case allows the worker of today the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, whilst always having the essentials at hand.

Designed for change

The Anywhere Case was developed as both a response to, and a catalyst for change, in the workplace by Craig Jones Design. The products design utilises two well established manufacturing techniques (compression and injection moulding) and combines them in an unconventional way to create a new workplace product type. As a product the concept is disarmingly simple, but behind that simplicity is a bigger story.

Close-up of the red lining on an open Anywhere Case.
An Anywhere Case containing eyeglasses, writing utensils, and a laptop.

Designed for flexibility

As the workspace becomes more fluid and we move from the traditional fixed working environments to spaces that are flexible, and encourage you to work in different settings, having the right tools to support this movement has become essential. The Anywhere Case with its compact and practical design is an ideal work tool to help support this movement from work task to work setting whilst always ensuring the essential tools are on hand to get the job done.

“We want people to understand that we are not just a solution provider; we are about the creative side as well.”

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