Hardworking labs can look good too.

A healthcare laboratory featuring a variety of overhead, base, and mobile storage.

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Modular, movable storage carts in a healthcare laboratory.

Have labs your way

Why should built-in lab casework dictate how your equipment and work areas are arranged? Modular, movable lab furnishings from Herman Miller Healthcare put you in control. Without compromise. Design your lab to support your staff and processes. Office furnishings, ergonomic task chairs and stools, monitor support and work tools, and filing and storage will outfit the entire lab.

Respond to change

Labs need to be fluid and quick to change, with limited downtime. Modular products with interchangeable components embody flexibility, from first installation to repeated reconfigurations. Utilities can be routed through the structural core from the floor or ceiling and accessed in multiple locations.

A modular, movable Co/Struc System lab work table supports a monitor and keyboard.
Four technicians work in a healthcare laboratory.

Efficiency improvements

Layouts that promote productivity and efficient patterns of travel work for—not against—your staff. Clear lines of sight throughout the lab keep staff visually connected, aware of work flow, and able to identify the needs of technicians.

Co/Struc System modular storage components and light gray Sayl Stools in a healthcare laboratory.

Appeal to the eye

Clinical doesn't have to connote uninviting. The look and function of the lab environment can make a positive difference in the attitude of your staff; after all, they spend a great deal of their time there. It can also sway a potential recruit.


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Clean thoroughly

Products that are easy to access or disassemble for cleaning ensure compliance with contamination and infection control standards—and simplify ongoing maintenance. Our lab system is designed for thorough cleaning, from the structural components to the drawers.

A nurse reconfigures drawers in a Co/Struc System modular storage unit.
A healthcare laboratory featuring Co/Struc modular storage components, light blue Sayl Stools, and green Mirra 2 Chairs.

Dependable comfort

Layouts that consider ergonomic principles—lighting, reach, bend, and placement of equipment and surface heights for specific procedures—create a more healthful and productive lab.

Co/Struc System components in a healthcare laboratory, including drawer units and mobile storage.

Warranted durability

Our lab products are backed by a 12-year warranty. And built to withstand the rigors of your 24/7 lab operations. Guaranteed.

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