Herman Miller Group

Purpose and Values

Our purpose reflects the desire of all of our brands to leverage the power of design to improve people's lives.

Our Purpose: Why We Exist

Design for the good of humankind.


Herman Miller Group Purpose: Design for the Good of Humankind

Our purpose is the ideal we strive toward each day in everything we do. It’s what we’re capable of when we’re at our best. It both grounds us and moves us forward as an organization.

Group Values: Living Our Purpose

Our values speak to our shared beliefs about our people and the impact we can make together—for our customers, our communities, and in the world. They describe how we live our purpose through the way we lead, the way we see one another, and the way we work.

A group of Herman Miller Group employees volunteer to clean up a park.

We are difference-makers.

Our products and our approach to business make a difference in the lives of our customers, our neighbors, and people around the world.

Learn how we're contributing to a Better World.

A diverse group of Herman Miller Group employees meet in the Nelson Room at the Herman Miller Design Yard in West Michigan to discuss ideas for helping the organization become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

We are all extraordinary.

By celebrating what makes every individual unique and valuable, we help one another reach our fullest potential.

Find out how Inclusiveness and Diversity help us grow as a company.

A Herman Miller Group employee smiles as she attaches parts to a light gray Aeron Chair on an assembly line.

We are better together.

Our culture of accountability, inclusivity, and high-performance creates strong teams and unifies our family of brands.

Discover opportunities to Join Our Team.

Learn about the individually vibrant brands that make up Herman Miller Group.

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