A shift in the way people think about lighting

Yves Béhar is a thinker. And one thing he thinks about a lot is the future. “I believe design’s purpose is not only to show us the future, but to bring us the future,” he says.

Three Twist LED Task Lights daisy-chained together.

Béhar’s collaboration with us began with the groundbreaking energy-efficient LED technology in the Leaf personal light and continued with the Ardea personal light. “New technologies are driving a fundamental shift in the way people think about lighting,” he says. “With LEDs in particular, their incredible efficiency, extremely small form factor and minimal maintenance requirements are changing the way people conceive of, design, and integrate lighting into the built environment.”

Béhar describes the lighting design projects he has done for us as a “fusion of technology with humanity.” And we think of him as a key innovation partner who understands how to mix problem-solving with creativity, as he has so clearly demonstrated with the Twist light.

Soft illumination emits from the slim, tubular Twist LED Task Light.

“For me this light represents the kind of innovation that Herman Miller stands for.”

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Product Designer Yves Béhar