A unique collaboration

Recognizing the need for a high-performance ergonomic work chair in their portfolio of products, Geiger connected designer Mark Goetz—whose credits include our Goetz Sofa and Geiger’s Full Twist Chair—with Herman Miller seating innovator and PostureFit inventor Dr. Brock Walker, a former competitive skier who’s a specialist in design for human performance.

Design across disciplines

This unique collaboration resulted in a clean, simple executive chair that balances a rigorous scientific approach for supporting the human body with Geiger’s impeccable execution of clean, simple silhouettes.

An executive office featuring a black leather Taper Chair, rectangular Eames Table, and two Eames Molded Plywood Chairs.
A black leather Taper Chair paired with a rectangular table with a wood top.

Leading and learning

By leveraging the depth of knowledge that Dr. Walker and Herman Miller researchers and engineers have accumulated over a generation of pioneering office chair design, Taper delivers an exceptional experience of comfort and performance, at a level of quality and craft that is unmistakably Geiger.

“I wanted to design an incredibly comfortable chair that gives you the personal fit of a custom-tailored suit, the support of the finest ergonomic chair, and the quality feel of a high-performance automobile seat.”

More about Mark Goetz

Product Designer Mark Goetz