A selection of OE1 Workspace Collection materials, including light brown laminate surface, grey marker cup, green leg, blue fabric and red frame.


A line drawing - OE1 Boundary Screen

OE1 Boundary Screen

Height: 12.5"
Width: 17.8"
Depth: 1.8"


A close up view of Finish Nightfall DN2.



Close up image of a light black textile called Hush Charcoal.


Screen Liners


Close up image of a grey OE1 Boundary Screen with bag hook and surface attachment hardware, viewed from the underside.


Clamp provides stability and makes the screen usable on most work surfaces. Doesn’t deface the work surface.

Close up image of a grey OE1 Boundary Screen bag hook attached to a white surface, viewed from an angle.

Bag Hook

Keeps items off the floor and provides storage.

Grey OE1 Boundary Screen with liner on a white OE1 Rectangular Table, viewed from an angle.

Fabric Liner

Enhances acoustics and has a warm, welcoming ambiance.

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We’re committed to sustainability in everything we do: the materials we use, our manufacturing processes, and our products’ recyclability.

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